About Me

I’m a small town girl from Minnesota, but currently live in the great southern state of Texas where I graduated from Baylor University with my Bachelors in Nutrition Science. I haven’t always been the fit girl everyone sees on social media today.

Growing up I was highly involved in sports, but never made fitness or nutrition my priority. I was skinny, but had no muscle tone and thought that long hours of cardio was the only way to get me in shape.

When I started at Baylor University, I had to learn how to make the best quality nutritional decisions for myself because the temptations were endless. This sparked my desire and interest to learn more about nutrition and exercise.

When I decided to fully dedicate myself to fitness and nutrition I learned many things. I learned that diet is first and foremost the biggest contributor to getting in shape. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you enjoy, or severely restrict yourself.

I also learned that anything that is worthwhile takes time. If you want to find something that works and keeps working, it’s not going to happen overnight. But if you stay dedicated YOU WILL GET THERE! Stay focused, stay driven, and don’t give up… you will be much happier in the long run.

After making this lifestyle change I am much healthier and more confident in myself. However, the most fulfilling aspect is helping others reach their goals. There is nothing more rewarding than being able to share my story and knowledge with you to help transform your life and body.