At Rachel Scheer Nutrition, I look beyond the number on the scale and show you what your body is really made of. I use the InBody 230 to analyse your body composition. The InBody tracks the changes that are occuring throughout the body as a result of following a healthy diet and exercise program, which are essential to a healthy lifestyle.


Why can’t I measure my current health status on weight alone?

The ratio between muscle mass and body fat is more meaningful and important and body weight alone. Muscle is dense and weight much more than fat, therefore a lean, muscular person can weigh more than someone with a more body fat. Percent body fat and lean body mass is a much more accurate means of assessing your health.


Why is it important to monitor body composition?

In a healthy state the human body keeps a well balances ratio, while in an unhealthy state, the ratio may result in obesity, edema, malnutrition or osteoporosis.


What is the InBody 230?


InBody 230The InBody uses a Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA). This type of testing enables accurate testing that has a 98% correlation with DXA and underwater weighing. This cutting-edge BIA technology is unlike other BIA devices, as the InBody does not need to rely on statistical data or averages in calculating values since the data it gathers is far more accurate. It accurately evaluates a wide range of individual, especially those with unique body types such as children, extremely obese physiques, senior adults and athletes.

Traditional bio-impedance machines – such as scales you can buy for your home – use only one electrical frequency and two contact points (the feet) to estimate body fat. Therefore, they must rely on age-, gender-, and activity-based equations to “guesstimate” the percentage of body fat. Moreover, traditional bioelectrical scales can ONLY estimate body fat and total lean (non-fat) mass – which provides limited information. InBody utilizes EIGHT separate contact points and two electrical frequencies. With this technology, we can get ACCURATE measurements of body fat, lean muscle, intra- and extra-cellular water – with no “allowances” or fudging for age, gender, or activity level.

Not only does the InBody track your body fat and lean muscle – it does so in FIVE (5) SEPARATE BODY SEGMENTS. The InBody analyzes each arm and leg, as well as the trunk, separately – to determine the precise body composition of each body segment.

Up until recently, most people believed that obesity could be avoided or reversed by simply losing a certain number of pounds of body weight. With the development of the InBody®, the terms “body composition” and “body fat” have come to be recognized as reliable measures of obesity. We now know that the prevention of obesity depends on the reduction and control of body fat.

An analysis of your body composition is included with each visit. You will receive a detailed printout like the one below

InBody 230 Analysis