Chase E.

“Rachel has totally changed my life.

I have always loved being in the gym… learned lots of “bro-science” over the years on working out, nutrition and supplements… but really could not achieve my physique goals.  With Rachel’s help, for the first time in my life I have the tools to understand how to manipulate my physique through smart & REASONABLE nutrition.  This is the only time that I feel as if I have control over how my body looks—with Rachel’s help, the ball is truly in my court.

The BEST part about all of it–other than the awesome transformation–is that Rachel makes the new “lifestyle” (not a “diet”) PRACTICAL and Manageable (even for me… I am an attorney who works a lot and does NOT have time for too much diet nonsense).  …there is no “reset” Monday or binge eating because of deprivation.  Rachel provides the foundation, knowledge, and reasonable meal plans (that are tweaked each visit) and exercise advice so you can continue to progress and exceed your weight / muscle / physique goals. I’m so thankful to Rachel and her team.” -Chase E.