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Jaime M.


“For years I tried to obtain a lean physique, and after many failed attempts I was about to give up, then Rachel happened, and after just 6 weeks I saw my body change, not only did she guide me and coached me on my workout routines, she also worked with me to make easy and affordable meal plans, along with recommended supplementation, her guidance has help me obtain that year long physique I always wanted. I cannot thank her enough!! I recommend her to anyone 10/10!” – Jaime M.


Morgan F.


“A few months ago I hit a huge turning point in my life when I had to stop playing college soccer due to a knee injury. I had played soccer my whole life and was unsure of what I would do. Luckily for me, I met Rachel as I began searching for a new direction and focus in my life and discovered a whole new world in fitness and bikini competitions.  I have always loved fitness and working out but wasn’t sure how to go about getting into the kind of shape I would need to be in for an NPC bikini competition. I wasn’t sure what to eat, which exercises to do or when.  Rachel was with me every step of the way as I prepared for my first competition – with meal plans balancing all the different vitamins and minerals that I would need so that I never felt hungry and had lots of energy, naturally.  She gave me great workout plans to make sure that I worked out different muscle sets each day and had suggestions for posing coaches and where to get everything I was going to need for the competition. Thanks to Rachel, in only a few months, by following her workout and nutrition plans, I was able to win 1st place in both my open and novice bikini competitions. There’s no way that I could have done it without her and I am so thankful for all of the support that she has given me!  Because of Rachel, not only have I been able to transform my body into what I always wanted it to look like by eating healthy and the right combinations of food, but my family is also living a much healthier lifestyle because they’ve seen how successful her nutrition and training plans have been for me. I’m really looking forward to continuing to work with her and to see where I might get to with her help. ” – Morgan F

Lauren R.

“After having my first child, I wanted to get my body back ASAP and that’s where Rachel came in. She customized a plan that got me healthy results quick! What I loved most was she made my meal plan ideal as a new mom with yummy quick recipes, simple ingredients to buy, late night snack options, and the wonderful grocery list. I can’t thank her enough for the time and energy she put into customizing my plan and helping me be a healthier mom for my child.” – Lauren R


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Avoid the Holiday Bloat: 9 Tips to Avoid Overeating Around the Holidays

When it comes to the Holidays, food always seems to play a big role in almost every cultural celebration. One of the best ways to keep overeating in check during the holidays, is to first acknowledge and accept that there will be a lot of food temptations and there’s really no way around that. Once you’ve recognized that fact, the next thing is to arm yourself with an attitude by which you’ll approach enjoying holiday food, but without overdoing it. And starving yourself all day before a Holiday Meal almost always ends up with disastrous results too, so that’s not the answer either!

Here are a few tips and ideas for eating around the holidays that will help keep your diet on track all the way through to New Years:

  1. Make half your plate non-starchy veggies
    • Non-starchy veggies are low in calories and are loaded with fiber meaning that if you fill up on the greens, you’ll feel full and be less likely to overeat.
  2. Fill up on protein
    • Your second biggest portion should go to protein. Protein will also help you to feel full and prevent you from overeating.
  3. Limit your sweets and refined grains
    • It’s okay to have a little- after all it is the holidays. Just don’t overdo the sweets and breads. Before even looking at the dessert table you should have a plate full of protein rich foods and healthy vegetables.
  4. Take it slow
    • Pace yourself when eating. It takes 20 minutes to feel satiated, so eating slower will help you to listen to your body and know when you’ve have enough.
  5. Don’t arrive to the party hungry
    • Have a healthy meal or snack before the party so you’ll be less likely to overeat or make impulsive food choices.
  6. Keep with your exercise routine
    • As tempting as it is to want to stay in on those cold days it’s important to keep up with an exercise routine to not only burn off those extra calories but to put that extra food towards building muscle, and not just fat storage.
  7. Buffet it
    • If you’re the host, don’t put the food on the table. Instead, set up a buffet.  For many, if they are forced to get up to get seconds or thirds, they are less likely to do so than if the food is in arms reach.
  8. Watch your liquid calories
    • From hot apple cider to alcoholic beverages, liquid calories are still calories that are often overlooked and can add up fast.
  9. Don’t beat yourself up
    • If you do overeat, don’t punish yourself by starving yourself the next day.  Overeating then restricting yourself constantly wreaks havoc on your glucose and insulin levels, which are necessary for an optimal metabolism. Instead, just get back to your normal healthy eating routine and be more mindful of what you are putting in your body and how much the next time.


Whitney R.

“I love the workouts! They are simple, quick and help get your tush in gear quick. I started with the beginner monthly schedule and have moved my way up to the advanced calendar, I am so proud of myself and have really seen some amazing results! Thanks to these workout I finally feel confident in a swimsuit.”  – Whitney R.