Rachel Scheer’s 12 Week Body Transformation

The ultimate body transformation. A 12-week nutrition and training program with continuous one-on-one support to get you the results you want. You'll be equipped with everything you need to be successful long term. No FAD diets or quick-fixes, it’s a lifestyle change where the results last!

What's Included?


• Each plan is specifically designed to your body composition, your current lifestyle, and goals you want to achieve.

• Meal plan with the exact calories, macronutrient breakdown, and food options for each meal of the day.

• Weekly grocery shopping list and recipe guide for every meal of the day.

• 1-hour phone consult with me to make sure you have complete understanding and are equipped with everything you need to be successful.

• Weekly follow-ups via email or phone to make sure you are progressing as desired.

• 24/7 text and email support to help you stay on track throughout your transformation.

+ Workout Plan

• A training plan breaking down the exact reps, sets, and tempo for maximum muscle hypertrophy and fat-loss.

• Training intensity, frequency, and volume tailored to your lifestyle and goals.

• Demonstrative videos for each exercise that can be downloaded your iphone to take to the gym.

• Supplement recommendations to boost performance and aid in building muscle and burning fat.