Alan Aragon: The Science of Weight-Loss

Today, on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel is joined by Alan Aragon, Functional Health & Wellness Advocate and Owner of ‘Stormi Fitness App’. Alan talks about his research-driven recommendations for obtaining an Optimal Body Composition. Alan provides insights relative to Muscle Mass, Why Women Need a Higher % of Body Fat, and provides his takes on “Fasting & Weight Loss” and the Importance of Longevity in Maintaining a Healthy Body. 

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 3:58 Alan’s Opinion on an Optimal Body Composition
  • 5:33 Alan’s Recommendations on Muscle Mass and Overall Fat
  • 6:48 Why Women Need a Higher % of Body Fat
  • 9:40 Alan’s Take on an Optimal Diet for Optimal Body Composition
  • 14:07 How Much of a Calorie Deficit Should People Be in for Optimal Fat Loss
  • 19:08 Losing Muscle while Losing Fat the Greater the Rate of Fat Loss?
  • 24:11 Why a 10% Body Fat Composition is Not Optimal
  • 27:20 Would Macros Look Differently for Muscle Gain?
  • 32:34 Alan’s Thoughts on Fasting
  • 43:54 Fasting For Weight Loss
  • 53:06 Alan’s Insights on Longevity
  • 58:41 Hormone Shifts vs Lifestyle Changes – Which Plays a Bigger Role?
  • 1:54:55 How to Connect with Alan & Outro 

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