Aligning Your Awareness & Body with Aaron Alexander

In the words of today’s guest, get ready to ‘shake-up your snow globe’, step outside your comfort zone and wander into uncharted thought territory with Aaron Alexander of the Align Method.

Today’s episode examines the habits and thought patterns of our mind, as well as the physical patters of our body’s posture and positions in today’s culture.

An unscripted conversation, we dive into the ‘lowercase’ vs ‘uppercase’ ‘I’, whether our thoughts are truly ‘ours’, how to occupy a meditative mind, fight or flight mode in the body, and how to begin to question the associations we make in our head, the words we choose to use in our language, and the impact of how we move and position our body.

If you’re ready to ditch the suitcase and baggage of the thoughts you haul around, check your voice, sharpen your mental blade, harness the power of presence, find things that bring you light, and learn more about Aaron’s align method, then this is the episode for you.


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