Amber Shaw: How to Stop Dieting and Lose Weight

Today, on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel is joined by Amber Shaw, a Mind & Body Transformation Expert, Host & Founder of The Wellness Revolution, a leading global movement for thousands of women over 40, empowering them to rediscover their confidence and create a lifestyle that is effortless and sustainable. Amber dives into the flaws in “dieting”, fueled by the “dieting industry” for profits. Once the diet is over, however, Amber points out that many go back to their old lifestyle of poor health. Amber sheds light on how she takes a different approach to nurturing and motivating a healthy lifestyle for her clients. 

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  • 0:00 Intro
  • 4:26 What Inspired Amber to Help People with Their Health?
  • 16:33 The Spiritual Side of My Journey
  • 30:10 The Difference between a Diet vs Healthy Lifestyle
  • 41:30 Working with Clients who Don’t Like Healthy Foods
  • 49:40 Working with Weight-Loss Clients who Don’t Like Diets
  • 56:14 How to Connect with Amber
  • 57:24 Outro

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