Back to School with RSN!

It’s that time of year again: back to school! 

The grocery stores are full of single serving snack bags with bright and fluorescent colors abound through the shopping aisles. Once again, you have peace and quiet in your house. The kids are finally off at school. 

Back to school is such a fun time of year, whether you are a mom with kids, someone who is in school yourself, or just enjoying a shift in the weather as fall approaches (Texas is still lagging behind on this one, but we can dream right?!).

Why is this such an important time of year?

Just like New Year’s Eve brings a sense of new beginnings, the start of the school year feels the same for me! I remember growing up always being so excited to go back to school shopping. To get those brand new notebooks, open a new set of gel pens and maybe even a new backpack (please mom?!).

Even though I am many years past starting a new school year, this season still has the air of new beginnings and what better time than the present to focus on YOU!!

If you follow us on Instagram, you likely saw that all week we have been diving into different ways to use this new season to your advantage. Parents – I know it can seem daunting with an earlier wakeup call, lunches to pack, kids to drop off, all with the same hours in the day needing to be worked…

So, instead of viewing this shift in schedule as a burden, I encourage you to view it as a challenge!

Our mindset matters when it comes to not only achieving our health goals, but doing it sustainably. 

Personally, I actually find it easier to achieve my goals and truly be consistent when I have more things on my schedule. I feel as though it helps me to prioritize the things that are most important and if you are a parent, it can help you model this good behavior for your kids as well. They are like little sponges and who better to learn healthy habits from than the people they spend the most time with!

 How can you use this back to school season to your advantage?

A few different strategies you can employ:

These are actually the different areas we addressed on social media this week!

Now, if you have gotten this far and you aren’t a parent or someone in school, good for you because now I am going to address how you can use this time to your advantage!

So often as humans we are waiting for a new day, week, month or even new year to make changes.

What if I told you that all you needed was a new moment?

Think about it, why do you have to wait till tomorrow to eat healthier? Why do you have to wait till Monday to get back on your gym routine? Why do you think that making a budget for NEXT month will help you save this one?

I think one of our biggest obstacles in life is time, so why are you waiting to make changes? Time will always keep moving forward, but your mindset is what is going to help YOU move forward with time!

We all struggle with overwhelm or self doubt when it comes to making behavior changes, but if you have a knowledgable coach keeping you accountable – the sky is the limit.

Are you ready to invest in your health this back to school season? Book a FREE 30 minute call with Rachel Scheer Nutrition so we can dive into your goals and show you how we can help you achieve them! 

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