Blood Sugar, Gut Health, and Functional Nutrition

The Blood Sugar-Gut Connection 

By: Rachel Scheer, CFM, BS Nutrition & Dietetics

Dallas, TX


We talked earlier this week about how blood sugar balance plays a direct role in weight-loss, but did you know that poor blood sugar balance can be part of the root cause for developing poor gut health or irritable bowel syndrome, too?!


Well for one, eating a diet full of simple carbohydrates and sugar can increase inflammation. This inflammation can cause leaky gut where food, bacteria, and toxins are “leaking” through the gut lining, triggering immune dysregulation, skin issues, metabolic issues, thyroid problems, and even neuro-issues like brain-fog, anxiety or depression. 

Two, a high-sugar or processed food diet also will feed gram negative bacteria in the gut. This type of bacteria produce what is called an LPS (lipopolysaccharide) that produces endotoxins and promote more inflammation in the gut. 

When these LPS-producing bacteria can cross through the intestinal epithelium (gut lining) in excessive amounts due to a leaky gut, we now experience even more full body inflammation, hormone imbalances, cortisol (stress hormone) increases, and metabolic syndrome and insulin-resistance. 

Three, high-blood sugar will also feed pathogenic gut bacteria in the gut. This can lead to candida (yeast overgrowth,) SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) and bacteria dysbiosis (imbalance of good and bad bacteria) in the gut. 

This is why it is so important to work on diet and balancing blood sugar so we can properly heal the gut and promote optimal gut health. 

You can start balancing your blood sugar by making sure you are getting with each meal:

  1. A high-quality animal protein such as salmon, grass-fed beef or bison, pastured chicken, or whole eggs. 
  2. 1-2 servings of mono- or poly-unsaturated fats such as avocado, olives or olive oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, or fatty-fish like salmon.
  3. 1-2 cups of non-starchy vegetables or low-sugar fruit for fiber.

Working with one of our RSN Coaches can help customize a plan that is specific to your body, root cause(s) and goals. Ready to start your gut-healing journey and get into the best health and shape of your life? Book a free 30-minute call today to learn more.

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