Do You Need a Metabolism Makeover?

Do you ever feel like you make changes to your macros, add in cardio or follow a meal plan… but nothing happens? You may need a makeover to your metabolism.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is a term used to describe the wide range of chemical processes the body performs to keep you alive and healthy. Our metabolism plays an important role in many bodily functions, especially related to energy production.

What is a thrifty metabolism?

A thrifty metabolism may be causing your weight loss resistance and an inability to find wellness in your health.

When you make minor changes in your calories, or add in planned cardio, your body adapts. It does so by making subconscious changes to your activity throughout the day. When you go into a calorie deficit, you can begin to subconsciously sit more, talk with your hands less, or even blink less.

This is why it is so important to maintain whatever activity level you had before starting a diet. While your body is smart, it wants to save energy wherever possible. If you feel like you are spinning your wheels without any progress, maybe it is time to look at some of the other factors that could be playing into your metabolism.

A thrifty metabolism may be one key reason for needing a metabolism makeover.

What are key nutrients for my metabolism?

Nutrient deficiencies can impact your weight and metabolism too! All nutrients have an important role in your body and when they can’t perform their functions properly, many things happen to your system that make weight loss more difficult.

Unfortunately, an abundance of calories does not necessarily mean an abundance of nutrients that your body needs. So much of the food found in grocery stores today is processed and high in simple carbohydrates and sugar. While these foods may “fill” you up due to their caloric density, they are often lacking nutrient-density – which can sabotage your health.

Nutrient deficiencies can lead to poor sleep quality, increased fatigue, imbalanced hormones, poor gut health, AND an inefficient metabolism – all reasons for needing a metabolism makeover.

Furthermore, low nutrients lead to poorly functioning metabolism.

There are 7 nutrients for an optimal metabolism:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • B-vitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin A
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C

Assessing your micronutrient status is imperative for reaching your metabolism goals.

What are lifestyle tips to help my metabolism?

Not only does nutrition play a factor into our metabolism, but our overall lifestyle does, too! Key lifestyle factors include stress management, sleep, and mindset.

Being consistent with a nightly sleep routine will give your body the boost it needs to perform well the next day! Research recommends aiming for about 8 hours of sleep a night.

On the other hand, focusing on a positive mindset and stress reduction will help solidify new nutrition and fitness habits so you can sustain them for life – even when your metabolism may be making you feel unmotivated.

Are you interested in getting your metabolism on track?

Our functional medicine approach can help makeover your metabolism and get you back on track. Learn more about functional nutrition coaching from Rachel Scheer Nutrition here! 

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