Dr. Ken Brown: All Disease Begins in the Gut

Dr. Ken Brown received his medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical School, and completed his fellowship in gastroenterology in San Antonio, Texas.

He is a board certified gastroenterologist and has been in practice for over 15 years with a clinical focus on inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Dr. Brown mission is to bridge the gap between medical & natural science.

For over a decade he has been conducting clinical research for various pharmacologic companies and he recognized an unmet need for something natural that could help his IBS patients find real relief.  After developing the only all-natural & clinically proven answer for IBS & bloating for over 6 years, ATRANTIL (ahh-tron-teel) launched in the summer of 2015.  Dr. Brown has also clinically tested CBD in addition to Atrantil to help his patients find relief from inflammation in a safe and affordable manner.

He is helping others improve their health on his podcast called The Gut Check Project with his Co Host Eric Rieger.  With the ultimate goal of not just improving lifespan, but improving healthspan.

On Today’s Episode of Scheer Madness, Dr. Bown and I discuss:

  • How SIBO contributes to IBS and functional gut disorders
  • A functional approach to IBS and addressing the root cause
  • The root cause of all disease and how we can combat it
  • How Atrantil and CBD help with gut microbiome diversity and IBS
  • The role polyphenols play in overall health
  • Gut-brain connection and how the gut influences our mood and neurological function

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