Functional Medicine Approach to Depression & Other Brain Health Issues

The traditional western medicine approach to brain health issues is often to just label you and prescribe ?. ⁣

Functional medicine says WHY is this happening in the first place and how is everything interconnected⁉️⁣

1. Deficiencies in key amino acids such as tyrosine, tryptophan, or cysteine that are precursors for MAKING neurotransmitters. ⁣

2. Deficiencies in essential B vitamins are needed for the CONVERSION of these neurotransmitters. ⁣

3.  Deficiencies in essential brain fats such as PUFAS cause inflammation, low immunity, or structural and communication issues. ⁣

4.  Chronic inflammation. High levels of CRP (blood test) is a low grade fire that affects all your organs, including your brain.⁣

5.  Gut microbiome imbalances, gut pathogens or leaky gut ? 70% of your immune system is in your gut and 90% of your body’s serotonin is produced in the gut. The vagus nerve is the connection between the gut to the brain. When you gut inflammation or leaky gut, you crisply have an inflamed brain and a leaky brain!⁣

6.  Toxicities (mold, heavy metals, environmental) all cross the blood-brain barrier and cause inflammation, poor cellular communication, and even disease! ⁣

7.  Emotional/Situational. Of course, when there’s trauma in your life this affects the way your brain processes and operates. During these times the BEST THING YOU CAN DO is focus on your health to help your body better cope and ALSO SEEK HELP FROM A PROFESSIONAL!

Interested in getting to the root cause of your health issues⁉️  B??? ? ???? ??-?????? ???? ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?? ??????????!

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