Virtual and with lab testing


with lab testing

 Get to the ROOT CAUSE of your health concerns.

Through a detailed analysis of your current lifestyle, health concerns, and using comprehensive lab testing, I create a wellness program specific to YOUR body and goals.

My clients who do best with me are:

  • Highly motivated and committed in playing an active role in their health
  • Want to reach their optimal level of health, so they can feel their best, increase energy and productivity, and have confidence in their body
  • Use functional medicine lab testing for identifying underlying cause, rather than just suppressing symptoms with medication
  • Are willing to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to support health and well-being


This is the first step for all new RSN clients looking for the most detailed and comprehensive approach to their health and well-being. The Case Review process is designed to SAVE money and time in the long-term by performing the appropriate functional lab testing before we devise a plan. A cornerstone of our approach is “test, don’t guess.” Identifying underlying patterns that will be key to a successful and long-lasting outcome.

This includes:

  • An initial virtual consult to go over your goals,  review of your current diet, supplements and create your custom nutrition plan
  • A thorough review of your medical history and relevant previous lab work (10-page limit)
  • Comprehensive lab testing (see what’s included below)
  • A 75-minute virtual consult to review your results and present your plan
  • A treatment plan including diet, supplement, and lifestyle therapies
  • Additional two months of coaching after the Case Review & Plan (4 virtual consults total)
  • 2 group calls each month (8 total) with Rachel and her team for Q+A and accountability
  • Check-ins with your coach and updates to your plan and direct messaging support


The Case Review process includes TWO steps, which are described in more detail below.


During this 60-minute virtual consult, your coach will interview you to dive more into your chief complaints, history, and goals. You will create your customized nutrition plan and any other lifestyle goals your coach deems necessary.

This appointment has two purposes: to make sure that we have all of the information needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of your health status and to give you a head start on working towards your goals.

The exact lab testing ordered:

Single most efficient and effective tool for evaluating your overall health status. It screens for cardiac health, hidden inflammation, insulin resistance and hypoglycemia, and thyroid problems.


  • Cholesterol
  • LDL Calculation
  • HDL Direct
  • Triglycerides
  • LDL Direct


  • Apo A-1
  • Apo B


  • Homocysteine
  • hs-CRP

Glycemic Control

  • Glucose
  • HbA1c
  • Insulin

MTHFR–Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase is very critical in the function of methylation, a complex biochemical process that regulates gene expression (turns genes on & off) and governs intracellular detoxification. MTHFR is needed for the metabolism of folate (folic acid) and is a cofactor needed to convert homocysteine (a potentially toxic amino acid) to methionine. MTHFR has been linked by many types of research to conditions such as Blood Clots, Heart Disease, Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches, Infertility, Autism, Birth Defects, Miscarriages, IBS, Mental Illness, and many more.

  • T4
  • Free T3
  • TSH
  • Anti-TPO
  • RT3†
  • Anti-TG

Vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids essential for proper metabolism, growth, and wellbeing.

  • Folate
  • Vitamin D, 25-OH†
  • Vitamin B12
  • Iron
  • TIBC
  • Fatty Acids:
  • Omega-3 EPA
  • Omega-3 DHA
  • Omega-6 AA
  • Omega-6 LA

Food Sensitivity

This panel measures an individual’s IgG and IgA sensitivity to food antigens of 96 different foods. Food Sensitivity testing can be very useful to help prioritize an elimination or rotation diet. Usually removing foods that the body has produced antibodies to will alleviate symptoms, because the source of inflammation is removed.

Vibrant America Hormones

  • Estradiol, Estrone, Etriol
  • FSH
  • DHEA-S
  • LH
  • SHBG
  • Cortisol
  • Testosterone, Total
  • Testosterone, Free
  • Prolactin
  • DHT
  • Pregnenolone
  • IGF-1

Gut Microbiome

The most comprehensive gut microbiome test available on the market to clinicians, including over 170 species and genus-level measurements, as well as phylum assessments and two diversity indexes. We also provide recommendations for 35 commonly used probiotic products that may be appropriate based on risks determined by lab test results. Vibrant’s proprietary microchip technology allows for simultaneous detection of DNA from almost 200 species and genera of microorganisms from a one-time collection of a stool sample.

Heavy metals may be the root cause of common neurological disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune diseases, and disorders associated with increased oxidative stress and cellular dysfunction

  • Beryllium
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Arsenic
  • Palladium
  • Cadmium
  • Antimony
  • Tin
  • Tellurium
  • Cesium
  • Barium
  • Gadolinium
  • Tungsten
  • Platinum
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Thallium
  • Bismuth
  • Thorium
  • Uranium

DUTCH Advanced Hormone and Adrenal Testing

  • Analysis of 35 different hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA-S, and cortisol along with their metabolites.
  • Daily free cortisol patterns to provide insight into adrenal insufficiency or symptoms of chronic stress.
  • Graphical representation of results and embedded video tutorials to assist in the hormone assessment to share with your medical provider
  • DUTCH OATs: Oxidative stress marker – 8-Hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG), melatonin (6-OHMS), and six organic acid tests (OATs) including markers for vitamin B12 (methylmalonate), vitamin B6 (xanthurenate), glutathione (pyroglutamate), dopamine (homovanillate), norepinephrine/epinephrine (vanilmandelate), and serotonin (5-hydroxyindoleacetate).


Mycotoxins (add-on) 

Urine-based assay for 31 of the most common mycotoxins produced by molds to which humans are exposed. This test is measured on mass spectrometry, using Vibrant’s patent-pending proprietary technology, to produce the most accurate and clinically relevant assessment of difficult-to-detect toxins that can cause serious disease in humans. Vibrant is able to detect mycotoxins, small molecules, as small as 5 pcg, which greatly expands the number of available mycotoxins detected.


Environmental Toxins (add-on) 

Environmental toxins, technically called toxicants, are substances produced endogenously from the human body and which, when absorbed, inhaled, or ingested, can cause acute or chronic toxic overload, which may manifest in a variety of biological organ, tissue, and cellular-level systems. Environmental toxins are cancercausing chemicals and endocrine disruptors, both human-made and naturally occurring.

Vibrant Environmental Toxin Panel uses the most advanced mass spectrometry method to assess 39 different markers to assess environmental toxins in one urine specimen.

*All of these labs are included in the Case Review; however, additional labs may need to be ordered based on specific health concerns or goals at an additional cost.

Once we’ve received your lab results and completed paperwork (will be emailed to you upon booking the initial appointment), you will move on to Step 2: The Case Review consultation. This typically occurs 4 weeks after the Initial Consult.


The Case Review consultation is a 75-minute virtual appointment.

Prior to the consultation, your coach will review the results from the labs that were ordered along with the paperwork going over your health history, goal, diet and supplement information, lifestyle habits, and relevant prior lab work. She will use all of this information to provide the following:

• A summary of the underlying patterns that are contributing to your symptoms
• An outline of the suggested treatment plan, including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
• Recommendations for further testing (this will typically be minimal, if necessary at all, because of the completeness of the Case Review process)
• During your consultation, your coach will present you with a recommended treatment plan for the remaining 3 months of coaching (or more) and answer any questions you have.

Common Questions

Do I need to be local to set up a consult with you?

Not at all. We are a fully virtual functional medicine nutrition practice, meaning all consults will be over zoom through our private portal.  This is great for people who are busy or desire the best care, but do not have a functional medicine specialist near them.

When and where can I come see you?

Nutrition counseling appointments are available Monday-Friday via telehealth. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, please go to the main page and click “Book Appointment”

What do I need to prepare for my first consult?

Prior to the initial consult, you will receive detailed paperwork going over your health history, goals, diet and supplement information, lifestyle habits and relevant prior lab work through our private portal. We need this back 24-hour prior to your appointment so your coach has enough time to review and start working on your custom plan.

Do you offer fitness plans?

We do give four 1-month workouts plans (updated each month) since fitness is a huge part of this process and the lives of many of our clients to aid in the total body transformation. But we focus on fixing what’s off internally first, so you can get better results from your  workout plans and exercise.

Do you offer financing?

We do!  With rates as low as 0% APR for the first 14 months, you can now finance your program if you choose.  See if you qualify within 2 minutes!


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept HSA/Flex spending credit, debit, and bank wire. If you do have insurance, we can also give you a receipt for an attempt for reimbursement with your insurance provider.  Most of our clients have had a lot of success with this.

Why are Functional Medicine practices and testing not covered by insurance?

Conventional insurance-based medicine is built around the concept of labeling you with a reimbursable diagnostic code (diagnosis) and then finding the medications or a procedure to match.

A functional medicine model of care works to address the root cause of imbalances/disease (DIS-EASE), considering the connection of all the various body systems, as well as the mind, lifestyle, and diet. The core of functional medicine is finding the what and the why, therefore simply operating in a diagnosis to medication model doesn’t fit with insurance-based practices.

In addition, if your doctor is spending enough time with you (both in-person and afterward researching your unique case) to get to the root of your issue, using advanced testing that takes more time and knowledge to interpret, and then personalizing your treatment plan to include natural therapies and a customized diet plan, then it’s not covered by insurance.

This can be a good thing because this offers advanced testing and personalized care, 1-1 relationships with our coaches and clients, and more accountability through coaching.

Yes, functional lab testing is an investment, but not an expense. Working to transform your lifestyle and health will continue to reward you over your lifetime and give you back more time and energy (and often money) in the long run.

Are supplements and lab reruns included in the program?

Supplements and lab re-testing will be additional costs. The supplement protocols that we create for you will be based on your unique goals, imbalances, and root cause(s) from your lab testing, so there is no way for us to know what and how much will be needed beforehand. Many of our clients also continue with some core maintenance supplements long-after they stop working with us.
Lab testing reruns are not included because some people do not need to rerun their labs, while others only need to rerun a few key markers that were off. Because the labs themselves are a large portion of the package price, we will actually save you some money ordering only the labs you need when retesting.

What if I need more than four months of coaching?

We need a minimum of 4-months of coaching in order to really make some substantial progress with your health goals. For many of our clients that is a perfect amount of time to get them to a maintenance plan, while for others they need a few more months or even another 4-month package. Our goal is to work with you until we are able to get you to a maintenance program, which will all depend on how many markers are off with your labs, root cause(s), and compliance with the program. We do offer a discounted rate if you decide to do another 4-month package upon completion of the first.

See What Clients are Saying:

Rachel Scheer Nutrition
Based on 84 reviews
Annie Caamano
Annie Caamano
01:34 04 Nov 22
Rachel Scheer’s podcasts Scheer Madness are amazing and full of such useful information. I have learned so much and continue to learn from each episode. Whole body information. I’m 52 and wish I learned many of these things years ago. Thank you Rachel!
mitchell porter
mitchell porter
20:42 02 Nov 22
I’ve not had the chance to try these bloodwork tests and any of Rachel’s programs. But I have had the pleasure of listening to ScheerMadnessPodcast. Listening to Rachel and her numerous guests have given me the insight to steer my gut health in the right direction. Every podcast is worth the time spent listening, and you become that much more confident in yourself and what you need to get done to focus on your Gut Health! I will maintain my sanity by continuing to listen to these podcasts at ScheerMadnessPodcast.Thank You Rachel and your team for all that you have done for others!
Jennifer Probert
Jennifer Probert
17:30 14 Oct 22
I cannot express how grateful I am for finding Rachel Scheer Nutrition and Christine this past February. I had been gaining weight, feeling bloat and not myself for about a year and not able to find any answers with my primary care physician. Christine has helped me lose 22lbs and 14" and has given me my life back! Through lab testing my primary care did not run, I found out I had an overgrowth of Candida in my GI tract that was likely causing all of my symptoms. Throughout the past 8 months, we not only eliminated the Candida and have gotten my gut to a great place, but she's also taught me how to fuel my body with foods that make me feel food, how to eat to keep my blood sugar balanced and has given me to confidence to navigate vacations and enjoy myself and not gain 5-10lbs. What I didn't expect with this journey is the complete mindset shift that has occurred; I have also gained so much confidence in myself and the choices I make. I am confident that once I no longer under her guidance, I will be able to continue to working on my health and fitness goals because this isn't just a diet, it's a life style.
Lynnette Perez
Lynnette Perez
17:41 05 Oct 22
The team at Rachel Sheer Nutrition is AMAZING! If it wasn’t for them, I would be completely clueless as to how to navigate my health and gut issues. They educated me very well and I was able to loose about 17 lbs total and 12 lbs of those being fat in 5 months. I wasn’t able to loose weight before despite all efforts so them teaching me what foods Agee with my body was game changer. Also, I have a stronger immune system, clearer skin, more mental clarity and better mood as a result. Best investment of my life! I feel better at 33 then I did as a teenager. Recommend 100%.
Christine Plante
Christine Plante
18:47 24 May 22
The Rachel Scheer Nutrition program has truly exceeded my expectations. I was lucky enough to get to work with Christine and she has helped my surpass my goals far more than I have ever imagined. I have always had stomach issues for as long as I can remember. Back in January I was really feeling so bad and I had all tests done by my regular doctor and everything came back “normal”. I knew this was not right. Then one day I was on Instagram and reading Claude Valinsky’s (she was a cast member on a Beachbody program I was doing)posts about the success she was having in addressing her health issues by using Rachel Scheer Nutrition. I decided to reach out and get some more information about the program and here we are. The changes I have seen in just these few months are just so motivating. My coach Christine has challenged me, supported me and guided me to where I am today. Her knowledge and genuine concern for me and my health is unlike anything I have ever experienced. In just these few months I have learned how to have a healthy relationship with food, lost inches and several pounds, addressed underlying issues I never knew I had, given me confidence and energy that I was lacking and most of all made me fall in love with myself all over again. I highly recommend this program and Coach Christine. My life is forever changed and I am forever grateful.
00:00 24 May 22
I heard about Rachel Scheer through Claude aka glowupwithclaude on instagram. I saw how it benefited her with her postpartum, depression, anxiety and health. I had a baby 16 months ago and really wanted to lose the 55 pounds I gained through pregnancy. I also had postpartum and depression. I have been working with Karlei Summerfold since January and I get tell u enough how much I have learned. Never would I have thought to include micro veggies on anything. Lol or the PFF. Protein fiber and fat strategies. This has taught me not just a quick fit but an overall life changing experience. I have changed my eating and workout plan 💯 I know this is not a race this this takes time. I’m on month 4 going on month 5 and my overall mindset has changed and I really look forward to continuing with with Karlei and her team as she has definitely helped me and continues to be a big part of my life. Whenever I text her, she’s just a text away. 🙂 always so nice and friendly and just so positive. I really recommend Rachel Scheer and her team to anyone looking forward to learning to live a healthier life, mindset and just overall healthier way of living. I look forward to doing the lab testing soon. It starts with the mind then the body. 🙂
Sofia Yonkus
Sofia Yonkus
19:16 19 May 22
I am a teen athlete that was looking to get on track before college. I was feeling very bloated after every meal, tired, and anxious. I was scared to eat some foods because I did not feel the best after eating them. I have hypothyroidism and wanted to be proactive with my health. I had tried eliminating foods from my diet in the past with minimal success. I decided that I wanted to work with Rachel Scheer Nutrition, and Karlei was so welcoming and was so excited to help me feel better. She gave me my plan each month, but was also there to help me with any questions regarding what I could eat and even helped me pick out foods when I went to restaurants. She was with me throughout the whole process and was really willing to teach me about my body and how to fix it. I would highly recommend Karlei and Rachel Scheer Nutrition to anyone who is experiencing issues and wanting to get back on track!
Amanda Russell
Amanda Russell
00:08 07 May 22
Christine was absolutely amazing. She helped guide, inform, and encourage me throughout my journey. I always had an unhealthy relationship with food and she helped mend that for me. She had me dig down deep as to why I really wanted to start this journey and use that as my drive. Christine helped me get a different view point on food that will help me live a healthy life style! Even when I didn't do perfect or stay consistent she took the time to help me figure out everything and stayed so positive and encouraging at the same time.
Rk Barker
Rk Barker
12:13 05 Apr 22
Had a great experience working with Christine. I've had digestive issues all my life and finally received a diagnosis in my mid twenties. After struggling for a couple years on my own I knew I needed more help. The labs were especially helpful for improving my health and getting rid of my stubborn bloating and fat on my hips and lower stomach - Christine's guidance was especially helpful and in applying the information and learning how to maintain health on my own!
Tasha Simons
Tasha Simons
01:58 21 Mar 22
Christine is the best! She helped me gain so many insights to my health and helped me identify issues (like an autoimmune disease) that would have otherwise gone unchecked. I feel confident when choosing what to eat and no longer have to worry about how it will make me feel.Christine was very helpful throughout the process and always offered recommendations to accommodate me.
Manuel Perez
Manuel Perez
06:10 09 Dec 21
I had a goal to get emotionally healthy, so I can get mentally healthy, so I can get physically healthy. I have followed Rachel years ago from fitness. No idea she had nutrition. I knew this is where I needed to go. Had the blessing of working with Christine. She is amazing; coach and person. I struggled on life adjustments and she coached me back to life. Sometimes I fall back into my old ways and I can still hear her voice saying You Just Gotta Do It ... lol...and I get back on track 🙂
Lori Johnstom
Lori Johnstom
15:55 11 Nov 21
My name is Lori Johnston and I have been working with Christine Forsythe for the past four months.My Primary care provider originally recommended for me to see a dietician due to some gut issues and symptoms I was experiencing. I found the Rachel Scheer website online and upon reading Christine’s story It resonated with me that she had been through her own personal journey with gut issues and had overcome it through diet and exercise. I knew that she was very knowledgeable in her field and wanted to meet and work with her to get healthy and solve my gut issues. As a mom of two boys,wife,and caregiver to my own mom with a chronic illness I have never taken the time to take care of me and my body was finally letting me know enough it is time to do something to change. I was having gut issues with abdominal pain,nausea,increased fatigue, sleep deprivation , increased weight gain,anxiety and mild depression. After working with Christine the first week getting a new meal plan in place and her coaching me through some of my mental blocks I saw a huge difference. My gut symptoms had basically gone away- no abdominal pain, increased energy and sleep and as a bonus I lost 7lbs! Wow! Christine sent off extensive diagnostic testing and was able to pinpoint areas that were causing deficiencies for me and to create a custom plan for me to help improve my health and get me where I wanted to be. I just cannot say enough awesome things about working with my coach Christine! She helped to push me out of my comfort zone and try new things I had never had the confidence to do before. I went from hating to work out literally to working with a personal trainer 3x week and now I am upset if I miss a day! 😁 Christine helped me to see I can be healthy and to have confidence and push myself beyond my boundaries to get results. Thank you Christine for making a difference in my life and for helping me to get my health and life back! I would highly recommend working with Christine to anyone as she invests in your journey and helps you to succeed.
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis
19:10 17 Oct 21
I have worked with Christine Forsythe for the last six months. I came to RSN to improve my body composition, eating habits, and energy levels. I struggled with terrible eating habits (eating only processed foods and frequent overeating) and had the corresponding poor body composition for most of my adult life. I have been nothing less than impressed with my every interaction with the RSN team. Christine listened to and addressed all my concerns during our first meeting and got me on an improved way of eating immediately. The first week of eating whole foods was a big change for me, but after that it just became the regular way I eat. It doesn’t feel restrictive or like a short-term diet at all. In the first month with only dietary changes, I lost nearly 20lbs. Christine even encouraged me to try a new vegetable each weekend as a way to expand my healthy eating horizons. After the first month Christine went through the lab results with me and broke them down for me in a simple, understandable way. She let me know what dietary changes and supplementation I needed to address all the issues the lab results identified. My body composition and energy levels have improved significantly, and my eating habits have completely changed, so all my expectations have been exceeded. At no point during this process have I felt like I’m in it alone. Christine has been quick to respond to my many questions and has been a great resource during this process. It’s clear that Christine really does love what she does and gives it her all. I would not hesitate to recommend Christine and RSN to anyone looking to get healthier.
Stephanie Athey
Stephanie Athey
13:06 06 Aug 21
I started working with Christine in Jan 2021 after a year of dieting and exercising on my own with no results. Christine helped me make obtainable lifestyle changes that helped me reached my goals! In my 6 months with Christine I made huge progress (28 pounds down) and would highly recommend her to anyone!
Victoria Filoso
Victoria Filoso
14:51 07 Jul 21
Working with a nutritionist is something I have always wanted to do, and doing the functional wellness coaching with Christine Forsythe exceeded all of my expectations!!! I have suffered from crohns disease for most of my adult life and I became complacent with the discomfort and restrictions that came with my diagnosis. When I finally took the plunge and started working with Christine, we immediately worked on reducing my inflammation and then built a meal plan around my lab results and my (many) food sensitivities. Christine taught me how to eat, not just what to eat, and it has already paid off in dividends. I can now eat foods that I never thought I could eat according to my doctors. I also now have the skills to fuel my body in a way that is personalized to me. Working on my body from the inside has equally affected my body on the outside—I look better, but more importantly I feel better. I seriously cannot recommend Christine and RSN enough!
Logan Street
Logan Street
19:08 30 Jun 21
EVERYONE needs a Rachel Scheer and RSN in their lives!! Rachel and her team are very professional and take the time to hear your needs. As much as you will learn from Rachel, she will learn from you. Highly recommended!!
16:11 19 Jun 21
I HIGHLY recommend and trust Rachel Scheer and her team. Rachel’s guidance helped alleviate a chronic condition that I never would have solved on my own. BIG Thank You Rachel!
Jennifer Pussinen
Jennifer Pussinen
20:39 07 Jun 21
Rachel is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and amazing to work with! After completing the labs and applying her diet plan, all of my digestive problems were nonexistent. I cannot remember the last time I felt this great!
George Haralabakos
George Haralabakos
23:18 27 May 21
I had the opportunity to work with Christine Forsythe and have to say it was one of the best experience I have encountered when it comes to the understanding of nutrition. From the beginning I felt very comfortable with setting my goals, understanding the process, and having all my questions answered. I was very skeptical thinking I wouldn’t get any results but I saw immediate changes to my energy, sleep, and how I felt about myself in the first month. I really recommend working with Christine as she understands how to get you to achieve your goals and feel great with about the process.
Josh Henderson
Josh Henderson
14:33 23 May 21
I suffer with debilitating Ulcerative Colitis. For the past 8 years I have lived a life full of anxious moments whenever I have to eat food in fear that I am going to get sick from what I ate. I take medicine but I still wasn't finding full relief from my symptoms. After working with Christine I figured out a bunch of food sensitivities and that my gut microbiome was way out of whack. Since eliminating the food sensitivities from my diet and taking the recommended supplements I have seen the most improvement in my stomach and mental health that I have ever experienced. I am so glad I kept seeking answers outside of traditional medicine. I can't thank Christine enough! Highly recommend!
Stuart Schwartz
Stuart Schwartz
23:26 06 Jan 21
Having completed a series of consultations with Rachel Scheer Nutrition, I must say that the meetings have changed my life. My nutritionist was Christine Forsythe and she is EXCELLENT!!! In all my “many” years, I have tried to “clean up my act” by reading magazines and books, perusing internet sites, etc. I have tried diets, none of which really have a long-term impact. BUT, my meetings with Christine have proved to be far more eye-opening and informative than any of the aforementioned. I recognized in my early sessions that Christine is highly educated in nutrition and aware of the needs of individuals. She did not put me on a diet but advised me about modifying lifestyle and understanding the elements of every type of food that could either benefit me or perhaps not. I took her advice and have worked towards being healthier than ever. The result was a gradual loss of weight, the lowering of blood pressure to normal levels, and the reduction of sugar in my system.I learned that having a mentor is far more valuable than trying to understand ones’ needs on one’s own. As corny as it may seem, I can now look in the mirror and feel better about not having to see a belly hanging over my belt. It feels good to be able to climb into clothes that have not fit for a long time. I learned that moderation in every aspect of life is “key” in the successful road to reaching our overall goals.I rarely write reviews, but I felt so good about the experience, I decided to share. If you want to feel better about yourself, understand how your body “ticks” and what you can do to have your body appreciate your effort to improve it, then call Rachel Scheer Nutrition and ask for Christine Forsythe.
Caroline Slate
Caroline Slate
21:56 24 May 20
Rachel is amazing and very knowledgable! I am learning so much about nutrition and the importance of gut health. I have already seen improvements and am looking forward to continuing improving my health with her guidance.
Pavlina Atanasova
Pavlina Atanasova
15:01 15 May 20
I wasn't sure if I wanted to work with nutritionist, I don't do well with limitations. But after working with Rachel for few months now, it has been great. Initially I heard her on a podcast and the way she was talking it just spoke to me. I felt she will be the right person to help me with my issues. She has been super helpful explaining what I need to do, how my body is functioning, what is the best course of action. She answers all my questions in details and i look forward to our appointments!
Miranda Thompson
Miranda Thompson
19:38 05 Mar 20
I have loved all my meetings with Rachel. Changing the focus to gut health with my diet has made me feel much better and it’s only been 4 weeks. Her approach seems intuitive yet not trendy or overwhelming. I would recommend to anyone looking to get guidance on nutrition or dive deeper into what’s causing problems. Wonderful experience so far!!!
Summer Garrett
Summer Garrett
18:10 03 Feb 20
Rachel spent a lot of time with me explaining the physics of how our bodies process the fuel we give it and helped me incorporate a dietary plan that suits my needs and my lifestyle! Can’t wait to see the results!
Maegan Brock
Maegan Brock
19:50 31 Jan 20
My first appointment with Rachel was great. She was honest with me, but didn't make me feel bad or discouraged about where I am starting. The plan she put me on made feel encouraged and optimistic about my goals. She gave me a lot of great information and insight and then provided a very simple and easy to follow meal plan.Very excited about working with Rachel.
Parisa Foroutan
Parisa Foroutan
15:07 24 Jan 20
Rachel is very knowledgeable and I'm excited to see what results the changes she's made in my diet will bring!
Chani Vilhauer
Chani Vilhauer
18:11 18 Jan 20
I have had a terrific experience with Rachel Scheer Nutrition. From the first call to my initial consultation, Rachel is knowledgeable, professional, relatable and caring. She takes her work seriously and seeks to truly know the client in order to make the best possible recommendations! I am excited to implement my nutrition plan and to partner with Rachel on my health journey. I can’t say enough good things about her!
Rachel White
Rachel White
19:43 15 Jan 20
Rachel is very knowledgeable in her field and is always expanding her education. She is very professional. On my first appointment I received a personalized meal plan and approach to address my heath concerns, goals and dietary needs. She looked over all my past labs and medical history. She is quick to respond with any questions or concerns I have had since our appointment. I look forward to seeing her again in 4 weeks for my follow up to asset my progress.
Meg Tillman
Meg Tillman
15:01 09 Jan 20
I had my first meeting with Rachel this week and left her office feeling lie I could achieve my goals and had a workable plan to be a long term mindset for myself. She is kind and easy to talk to, and works to find a plan tailored to you.
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams
22:51 08 Jan 20
Wendy Russell
Wendy Russell
19:18 27 Nov 19
Chase Duncan
Chase Duncan
15:04 18 Oct 19
Rachel was extremely flexible in her office hours to accommodate my schedule from coming out of town. Her knowledge and professionalism have me excited about my journey to achieving my nutritional goals. Thanks Rachel!
Marisa Patel
Marisa Patel
18:34 30 Sep 19
I have only had the first appointment with Rachel and she provided a clear and easy to follow nutritional plan along with all of the information necessary for success. She is kind and intelligent and I am looking forward to having her as a partner on my journey to better health.
Connie Johnson
Connie Johnson
18:00 31 Aug 19
My first visit was very professional and helpful. The information about food was information I already knew but would be helpful for those who are new to nutrition. The body composition and the menu plan - what foods, how much, and when to eat them - were most helpful for me.
Skylar W.
Skylar W.
20:11 27 Aug 19
Rachel was very sweet and informative. We found an eating plan that has helped me feel better everyday. Thank you Rachel!!!!
Stephanie G
Stephanie G
21:15 22 Aug 19
Rachel was amazing. She is very knowledgeable and patient. She walked me through my new meal plan and we discussed things about my life style. I was able to ask questions and she kindly answer all of them, I did not feel judged at all. Thanks Rachel.
Rochelle Bates
Rochelle Bates
12:20 22 Aug 19
Marilyn Steele
Marilyn Steele
21:31 20 Aug 19
Rachel was professional and provided a beginning to re-making our nutritional programs to fit each of our individual goals. Looking forward to our next visit in September
Jennifer Zornes
Jennifer Zornes
23:53 19 Aug 19
Very informative!
Ilana Levy
Ilana Levy
16:58 11 Jul 19
There was a lot of information and I am excited to see the results after following Rachel's suggestions. She listened, asked questions, and is very knowledgeable. Looking forward to being a better me!!
LeeAnn Franklin
LeeAnn Franklin
00:33 10 Jul 19
Rachel has so much knowledge and is very kind. I especially appreciate her individualized approach as she focuses on each client's unique needs and goals.I feel motivated and inspired to implement her suggestions to help meet my goals. Thanks, Rachel!
Carissa Rosenquist
Carissa Rosenquist
18:23 06 May 19
Cassie Crews
Cassie Crews
16:52 20 Apr 19
Rachel is very knowledgeable and her enthusiasm for good nutrition health is contagious! Im an RN who has struggled with my weight and tried every diet out there. So I admit I was a bit skeptical about what I could possibly learn. I learned so much from Rachel! She worked with me and I feel I have a VERY doable program. I am re-thinking everything. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and achieving the same results. So I am way excited to find a new way of eating that will both satisfy me and get me the results I need. Thank you Rachel!
Kathy Baikie
Kathy Baikie
19:30 09 Apr 19
Just recently met with Rachel Scheer to discuss healthy weight loss and nutrition. Through this discussion Rachel was able help me outline a plan to meet my lifestyle change goals. Even though I've only been on my plan a few days I really don't think this will be too difficult!! Love what I'm eating and can envision where I will be this time next year!!
Derek Rude
Derek Rude
22:54 06 Apr 19
Great first meeting that provided good direction for my nutrition makeover. I can’t wait to see the results!
Lisa Cyrier
Lisa Cyrier
18:08 10 Mar 19
Rachel is very knowledgeable in her field. She listened to all my concerns and wrote a custom plan for my specific needs. I loved how she provided me with all that I needed that day to get started and on my way to feeling and looking better. She set realistic goals with me and answered any questions I had. I am so thankful for her!
Jodi Binion
Jodi Binion
19:33 28 Feb 19
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