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In this book you will learn:


Awful as those sound, about 60 million people— 20% of Americans—deal with them daily in the form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). They struggle with miserable, often disabling symptoms that result in debilitating physical and psychological effects and, in the end, a poor quality of life (1).

Take it from me, because not long ago I was one of those victims.
Good news: IBS is treatable – curable, even – and you’re about to get the simple secret to a happier, healthier gut. With diet. With discipline. And without invasive surgery or an over-crowded pillbox.

IBS is not a diagnosis at all, but rather an accumulation of symptoms. It’s an “irritable bowel.” But when your doctors examine your colon during a colonoscopy, they don’t necessarily see a problem. Everything looks normal. There are no structural issues, no tumors and, in turn, no obvious cause. This is usually when most doctors will slap you with a label of “IBS”, tell you to add more fiber and send you on your (supposedly) merry way.

For those of you familiar with my story, this is exactly what happened to me. I went from gastroenterologist to gastroenterologist. I endured everything from an MRI to CT scan, endoscopy and colonoscopy, only to get the seemingly innocuous “IBS” diagnosis. But my symptoms, like many patients, eventually grew so severe that I was even ominously warned by one doctor that the only answer was to … remove MY ENTIRE large intestine.
Thank God I sought another opinion. My own fact-based, researched, alternative opinion.
Doctors often tell their patients there is no cure for IBS. It’s all in the patient’s head. Just add more fiber. Or they even prescribe antidepressants, sedatives and other drugs that could potentially exacerbate the condition.

Maybe you’ve had a similar experience?

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on testing … with no answers. You feel like doctors aren’t taking you seriously. You’re frustrated, fed up and, maybe, even depressed.
I know I was.

But that’s not the answer, at all. To treat IBS, you need to address the underlying cause as to WHY your digestion is not working. That’s where functional medicine comes in.

In this book you will learn:

  • The3-R approach I used to heal my own IBS, as well as many of my clients
  • The causes of IBS and how to pinpoint and address the underlying condition
  • Recommended lab testing for proper diagnosis
  • How diet affects your gut health and the common foods that are harming your digestive health
  • Nutrition guidelines to reduce symptoms and heal your gut
  • Supplement recommendations to repair and repair and restore
  • How stress, sleep, and exercise affect the gut


What You’ll Find in Your Hormone Balancing Meal Plan

Each 4 Week Hormone Balancing Meal Plan has everything you need to plan and prepare your meals for the next 4 weeks, using proven, hormone balancing techniques that will bring your hormones into alignment without the stress and frustration of deciding what to eat.

  • Blood Sugar Balancing Strategy–Say goodbye to after meal crashes, “hangry” episodes, and the afternoon slump. And say hello to a better mood and more energy throughout the day.
  • Safe, Natural Detox–The recipes and meal plans are designed to support your natural detoxification pathways, which results in noticeably better skin, and more energy.
  • Tasty Recipes–These recipes are not just good for you, they taste good too! These meals will leave you feeling satisfied — while also helping you look and feel your best.
  • Four Weeks of Meals–These meal plans take the guess work out of what to eat and puts some powerful food at the end of your fork.
4 Week Hormone Balancing Meal Plan Cover
Rachel’s Guide to Year Round Shredded Abs

Rachel’s Guide to Year Round Shredded Abs

If you follow me on social media, you know that I am able to maintain shredded six-pack abs year-round. However, I didn’t get to where I am today by accident or luck! It took a lot of hard work, discipline, and planning to get to where I am, and with this book I’m going to be sharing my knowledge and experience with you!

I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Nutrition Science and Dietetics from Baylor University. In addition, I have experience working as a Clinical Nutritionist and as a Certified Personal Trainer. Over the course of my studies, work experience, and simple trial and error, I have devised an ELITE nutrition and workout program that enables people to achieve a healthy and lean body composition.The program emphasizes building lean muscle mass while continuing to decrease body fat.

What is great about my plan is that there are no BULKING and CUTTING phases. (i.e., eating in an extreme surplus followed by a deficit); therefore, no yo-yoing your body from one extreme to the other. I offer a MAINTAINABLE plan with results that LAST!

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside:

  • The most optimal fat-burning and muscle building program on the internet
  • Precise mathematical formulas that will reveal to you your exact ratios of carbohydrates, fats, and protein you need to shred fat and build muscle
  • Free sample meal plans and guide to build your own meal plan and track macros
  • Pre-tracked recipes that breaks down carbohydrates, fats, and protein per meal
  • Food guide so you know exactly what you need
  • In-depth workout routine with clickable “how-to” videos. No confusion on technique or proper form

Ready to take the next step?