How Sleep Moves Us Closer to our Dreams


When you think about your vision for your life what are your dreams? ☁️ Do you want to achieve optimal health? Financial dreams? Love/ relationship dreams? Take a minute to pause and reflect on your DREAMS. When supporting my clients one of my main priorities is helping them attain the life of their dreams. One key to this is SLEEP ?. So how do you get your best night’s rest? Here are a few key tips:


✨Turn off all screen time 90 minutes before bed

✨Disable notifications on phone/ tablets

✨Use blue light glasses

✨Avoid caffeine after 1 PM-2 PM 

✨Set room temperature to 60- 68 degrees Fahrenheit 

✨Sleep in socks

✨Set your alarm for 7.5 or 9 hrs to prevent interrupting a sleep cycle

✨Help with balancing your hormones by ensuring you are sleeping between 10 PM  and 2 AM

✨Create a dark environment with blackout curtains, sleep masks, and dim lights

✨Exercise in the morning

✨Avoid alcohol at least three hours prior to bedtime 


Sleep affects our gut microbiome, hormones, inflammation, immunity, and so much more. I hope these tips help you find rest and move closer to the life of your dreams. I am grateful to be on this journey of living our best lives together. 


Love ❤️, 



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