How to Create Lasting Love with Dr. Britt and Josh Lashua

Dr. Britt and Josh Lashua live out their dream together of helping couples live their most full relationship. This vision is a part of what united them prior to marriage and is at the heart of what birthed SameTeamForever. Having a SameTeam relationship enables couples to unify rather than get weighed down by the struggles of life, drawing them closer together rather than pushing one another apart.

Dr. Britt has her PhD in counseling and has a North Dallas based private practice in addition to coaching women to empower their best and most feminine self to show up who they truly are. Josh is a luxury developer and is a men’s development and relationship coach.

0:00 – Introduction
1:22 – Dr. Britt and Josh’s story
16:19 – What to consider when looking for a partner
26:41 – Red flags in dating
33:02 – Listening to past trauma
37:33 – Right person vs. right time
39:15 – What to focus on when you’re single
46:19 – How to become a high-value person
51:51 – Committing to personal growth
54:05 – Being the right person vs. finding the right person
56:34 – Maintaining a long and healthy relationship
1:07:37 – Why intimacy sometimes dies out
1:16:55 – Thoughts on a long-distance relationship
1:23:36 – 3 tips for people who are still looking for their person

For more from Dr. Britt and Josh Lashua, visit their website and You can also follow them on social media @sameteamforever, @brittlashua, and @jlashua25.

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