How to Fix Hormone Imbalances with Dr. Carrie Jones

Ladies, if you’ve always found hormones (and what you’ve been taught about them) a little confusing, you’re not alone. It turns out there’s a lot to unpack when discussing how hormones affect you and your body, and today’s guest is perfect for the job.

Dr. Carrie Jones is a functional medicine, women’s health, and hormone doctor whose passion is to educate and empower.

0:00 – Introduction
3:15 – Why are hormones so important?
5:48 – DUTCH testing
9:38 – How cortisol affects hormones
20:58 – Total vs free cortisol
25:09 – Estrogen dominance
34:33 – Estrogen detoxification
41:50 – How genetics affects hormones
45:39 – How birth control affects hormones
52:11 – Can hormones affect partner preference?
54:16 – 3 pieces of advice from Dr. Carrie
1:00:31 – Closing

You can learn more about Dr. Carrie Jones on her website or on Instagram @dr.carriejones.

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