Today, in the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel interviews Sally Gardocki, a momma, an attorney, and 56 year old client who crushed it throughout our entire one on one coaching through Rachel Scheer Nutrition. She was able to cultivate such a powerful growth mindset which I truly believe is the main reason why she has been so successful in her journey. Sally truly defines the saying, “Age is just a number.”

We talk about her journey into healing her gut, why health is not a one-step process but a life-long discipline, the food that truly matters in improving our health, and setting the right mindset to achieve the results we desire. 

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:57 The right mindset throughout the entire process
  • 12:33 Why you’re not getting the desired results
  • 17:41 Your health is always an expanding knowledge
  • 24:19 Figure out the best program for your body
  • 28:11 Resilience and grit 
  • 34:18 The underlying message of staying fit
  • 38:53 Learn to enjoy the food you eat
  • 42:51 If you can think it, you can do it
  • 45:18 The difference between common and normal
  • 48:28 Start tightening up your tracker

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Rachel Scheer

Rachel Scheer

Rachel Scheer is a Certified Nutritionist who received her degree from Baylor University in Nutrition Science and Dietetics. Rachel has her own private nutrition and counseling practice located in McKinney, Texas. Rachel has helped clients with a wide range of nutritional needs enhance their athletic performance, improve their physical and mental health, and make positive lifelong eating and exercise behavior changes.

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