How to Have a Growth Mindset at Any Age With RSN Client Sally Gardocki

Today, in the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel interviews Sally Gardocki, a momma, an attorney, and 56 year old client who crushed it throughout our entire one on one coaching through Rachel Scheer Nutrition. She was able to cultivate such a powerful growth mindset which I truly believe is the main reason why she has been so successful in her journey. Sally truly defines the saying, “Age is just a number.”

We talk about her journey into healing her gut, why health is not a one-step process but a life-long discipline, the food that truly matters in improving our health, and setting the right mindset to achieve the results we desire. 

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:57 The right mindset throughout the entire process
  • 12:33 Why you’re not getting the desired results
  • 17:41 Your health is always an expanding knowledge
  • 24:19 Figure out the best program for your body
  • 28:11 Resilience and grit 
  • 34:18 The underlying message of staying fit
  • 38:53 Learn to enjoy the food you eat
  • 42:51 If you can think it, you can do it
  • 45:18 The difference between common and normal
  • 48:28 Start tightening up your tracker

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Podcast Transcript:

[00:00:00] Sally Gardocki: Exercise is always there for us. We’re not always there for it, but it is always there for us when we can get back to it, we should, and when we need to be challenged and get out of a rut to do something different, you absolutely can always

[00:00:15] Rachel Scheer: affect a change. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, but if you are ready to level up your life and get results that truly matter in your health, business mindset and relat.

Then this is the podcast for you. Welcome to Sheer Madness, where we have unscripted real conversations with the world’s top athletes, entrepreneurs, and coaches. Discover real world and tactical advice from the best in the business. Let’s go. When your gut is off, it literally affects. Every system in your entire body leading to symptoms of anxiety, depression, brain fog, because the gut and the brain are highly interconnected.

This leads to chronic bloating, literally looking six months pregnant at the end of every single day, which is exactly what happened to me when my gut was off. To hormone imbalances, to thyroid issues, high cholesterol, inability to lose weight. The list goes on and on, which is why when we can heal our gut and optimize our microbiome, everything starts to fall into place.

And when I healed my gut, Literally everything improved. Bloating went away, my skin cleared up, my mental health improved, and it was so much easier to reach and maintain my ideal body composition, which is why I am so passionate about gut health with my functional medicine practice. And it’s the exact reason why I created my gut health repair program.

Look, I get it. Not a lot of people. Really afford to work with us through one-on-one coaching and functional medicine testing with Rachel Sheer Nutrition. But my gut health repair program is literally a fraction of the investment, and you’re gonna be learning everything that I’ve done with not only myself.

To heal my own gut, but also with over a thousand Rachel Share nutrition clients as well. We’ll be diving into my three R approach to healing the gut, removing gut triggers and toxins, restoring your gut lining, rebuilding back your gut microbiome, and then. Optimizing and reinoculating the gut with good bacteria.

You see there’s a massive difference between healing and overall health. Sometimes we need to heal the gut and get it to a place where we can then step into optimization. And I see a lot of people doing this backwards, and this is why they find themselves chasing their tail and not really getting the.

That they optimally want with their gut issues, skin issues, hormone imbalances, or even weight. On top of that, with my gut health repair program, you are going to be getting a step-by-step guide to calculating and hitting your macros so we can also focus on your skeletal muscle mass, because your muscle literally is the organ of longevity and it plays a massive role in your overall metabolic rate.

And therefore your weight loss. So by optimizing your skeletal muscle mass, by getting in enough protein in conjunction with a customized workout program, we’ll be able to not only lose fat, build muscle, and do this simultaneously with healing and optimizing our gut health. How freaking incredible is that?

So you’re gonna be also getting a three month workup program to focus on strict training so we can create the body of your dreams. And like I said, it’s for a fraction of the cost of what it would be to normally work with me for one-on-one coaching and functional medicine testing. So you don’t wanna miss out on this opportunity, and I’m gonna be.

Even an additional discount coming this block Friday. So if you wanna opt in so you don’t miss out on any of these notifications, go ahead and click the link here in these show notes and we will subscribe you. So you are first to be notified. When we launched this upcoming gut health repair program starting this December.

Hey guys, and welcome back to another episode of Sheer Madness. Today I am sharing with


[00:04:23] Rachel Scheer: an interview that I did with one of my 56 year old clients who has freaking crushed it throughout our entire one-on-one coaching together through Rachel Share Nutrition. And I’m sharing this interview with you because Sally Garak.

Who’s my client has been able to cultivate such a powerful growth mindset throughout our entire coaching that I truly believe is the main reason as to why she has been so successful, because she’s a mama. She’s an attorney and she’s freaking 66 years old and probably looks better honestly, than most 30 year olds look.

And yes, she’s busted her ass, but the reason as to why she’s been able to do everything that she’s done has been her mindset throughout this entire journey. So if you’re somebody who’s been on the edge of maybe wanting to work with us at Rachel, share Nutrition or really. Know what it takes to be successful.

You definitely want to tune into this episode. On top of it, Sally truly defies what it means that age is just but a number because she’s been able to lose fat, build muscle, heal her gut, and it’s literally impacted every single area of her life. And I hear it from women all the time who say, Hey, I’m too old.

It’s because I’ve gone through menopause cuz I have kiddos because I’m busting my butt. And Sally Gari is such a beautiful example of what is possible. So I hope you guys enjoy today’s episode. Sally, I am so grateful to have you come on this show here today. It is a dual podcast, but also just speaking to all of my clients here at Rachel Sheer Nutrition, and one of the big reasons why I wanted to bring you on as a bonus call and as a podcast.

Because you’ve been a client of mine for I think now well over a year, and I’ve been able to watch your physical transformation and one of the things that has really, really blown me away has been your mindset throughout this entire process because you know you have what a lot of us may have used as an excuse.

You are a mama. You are a, a boss lady, attorney, you know, you have a lot really going on in your life. Not to mention, you know, you’re, you’re, I think right, 56 years old, I don’t wanna say that wrong. Yeah. Yeah. I can’t lie about it anymore. . 56 year old. And so often I hear stuff about how, you know what? I’m postmenopausal, I’m old, you know, my work, I’m a mama, and all of these different things, and you are just a living example.

None of those really matter. If you have the right mindset, and that is really ultimately that’s allowed you to be successful, lose weight, heal your gut. We’ve gone through a few different phases here together. You know, looking at all of different, the labs that came back doing a gut healing protocol on you.

But then really focusing on body composition with losing some, some, some fat first, but then really building some muscle and you’ve just crushed it. So I’m honored to have you come on here and just really share your mindset and your philosophy.

[00:07:46] Sally Gardocki: Well, first of all, thank you so much for having me on here.

I’ve enjoyed. I think it’s almost a year and a half actually. Yeah. Um, of just being accountable to you. Um, I think that accountability is a huge cornerstone of anything that you start, and I think it’s also what enables us to finish a lot of those goals that we set for ourselves. So I thank you for being not only my.

Coach and teach, teaching me about, uh, different food choices and, and what was sort of causing the root of those problems, but just letting me be accountable to you. Um, I think that consistency and accountability and correct information, um, are some of the things. Prevent us from getting frustrated in that struggle.

And all women have the struggle of time and juggling so many different balls in the air at one time. And I do think that, you know, overall, um, we’re probably better at that than men. Um, but we also are very quick to set aside our self-care time, um, whether that’s food prepping or working out or whatever that may be, to meet somebody else’s goals, whether it’s an elderly parent or attending a spouse’s event with them or doing something for our child.

And, um, you know, I’ve. As do, does everybody. We have all these phases of our lives and sometimes we have more time than others to try to, uh, round the corner on an issue that we feel like we’ve had. And that was sort of where I found myself when I came to you. And I had tried everything. I’ve always loved fitness.

Um, it’s always been a part of my life, but I. Did feel like I have that post-menopausal issue of just not looking the way on the outside that I felt on the inside. I still have loads of energy, thank goodness. Mm-hmm. . And I just, you know, wanted to, um, sort of have myself look like, okay, you know, I’ve got a lot of energy so I can still work out and still do whatever.

But if you’re not working out the right way for your body and your body type, Then, uh, you can just be banging your head against the wall. And what I learned from you was, first of all, addressing the issues in my gut. I had sibo, which is the leaky gut that you talk about a lot, and I learned that I needed to stay with the, uh, low side map.

Type of foods and, you know, I have my 12 or 15 comfortable, um, zoned foods, and I pretty much eat within that, uh, you know, zone every day. I, I’m not saying I don’t ever go off the reservation and have , you know, a piece of bread or something that I probably shouldn’t be eating or drinking. Uh, Um, overall, you know, I’ve learned how to plan that out for myself so that I can set myself up for, um, a better result.

And I think that a mindset is just that it’s planning to win and not planning to fail, but at the same time, understanding nothing good happens overnight. So, Total transition of, you know, being where I dropped my son off at college and coming home and cleaning his room and looking in the mirror and being like, who in the world?

I’ve turned into my mom. Um, you know, and not like, you know, there’s, there’s multitudes of that, but, um, You know, I just didn’t feel like I looked the way that I wanted to look, and I tried to address a lot of it on my own, and I was lost because there’s so much information out there, information overload, and a lot of that information is not factual.

And, uh, every day when I come in here to practice law, I have to base all of my decision making and my, uh, giving of, of my opinion to people on. So I felt like I was so blessed to have found you because you only deal with the facts and the science and um, that’s really important. And when people are trying to either stick with something, figure it out.

Do it long term. You know, this kind of thing, in my opinion, can’t be done in a couple of weeks or a month. You know, you really have to figure out what your body is doing and then figure out how to either get around that or work with that, whatever the case may be. But you know, you’re looking at a good.

Six to nine months if you’re talking about the word that we use as transformation, um, because it’s on so many levels and I admire the girls in your group, um, for doing this because taking that first step is the hardest step cuz it’s an acknowledgement to yourself, Hey, I don’t have enough inform. I, I need to go out and get whatever that formula is, you know, and bring it back and apply it to myself.

So I admire people for, uh, taking that step. That’s a, a scary thing. Uh, anything that we do that’s change. Anything that we do that we’re willing to learn something new. But I also think that’s like flexing a muscle. So, um, and, and part of, you know, the mindset that I took with this, I, I was a runner. I had never really worked out in what I would’ve called the man’s part of the gym.

lifting was some beast. Yeah, yeah. You know, and like the, you know, men back there making weird, no noises and primal things and whatever. Um, but I soon learned to just get over it. They would just ignore me and I’ll just ignore them. And I still, to this day, there are only like two women in my, the back part of that gym.

Um, but that’s fine. And, you know, I just wave at people and that’s all. And just, you know, walk over there and do my, do my stuff. But that changed my body, um, as much as I think the food piece of it and learning what was causing the bloating for me. Um, Weights. So eating the protein that you suggested for me following the low five map and just hitting the weights consistently, um, is what I feel like enabled me to continue my mindset of winning.

Um, you know, and never peak as you said, um, throughout this whole process. And, and I think that is one thing that I will always, you know, continue to keep with me and take with me. And that is never. You know, you should have a goal. But then when you get to that goal, because you will, if you have the right attitude, you will get to that goal.

And that’s the, the second most important stage of it is what do I do next? What do I want to do next with my body and with my life? And you can either pay for, um, that knowledge and I feel like that’s what I did with you because, you know, you had all of this information, it would’ve taken me forever to go out.

Figure it out on my own. I’m the kind of person who values time and I, I felt like I could either pay for it now or the back end of it is paying for it with medicine because you’ve got diabetes or paying for it with rehab because your joints have gone bad and. You know, whatever. So, you know, it’s like, how do I wanna apply this?

How do I want to utilize this to work for me? So I, you know, hope that we have a very long relationship, because I always wanna be accountable and learn from you. And, and I think that that’s, that’s another thing, you know, women, um, in your group, you know, ask each other questions, you know, talk to each.

what’s worked for you? What food, you know, did you blend something up differently than everybody else has been doing? And that was a good snack for you. You know, things that are just hacks a, a time hack, um, I think is, is a really important thing. So that’s sort of, you know, I don’t know if that’s, helpful to anybody out there, but, um,

[00:16:05] Rachel Scheer: 100%.

And there is a few things that I wanna kind of pull out of what you’ve said. Ultimately, here is one, you came into this with a mindset of, I’m gonna win. Yeah. So right off the bat, you had this mindset of. I’m going to follow what Rachel says. I’m gonna get the results and one thing I really always speak to is whatever we believe to be true will ultimately be the truth.

So if you try something that’s new and, and that’s uncomfortable, which like you said, going into the gym, lifting weights, where it used to be a runner having to do a gut healing protocol because we found that you had some SIBO and some leaky gut there, you know, those are things that can be a little bit scary and for a lot of people,

What they do is they step into this a new program. Props to you. Just like you said, it’s a big, big step to just put yourself out there to be vulnerable. But then what they do is they don’t actually believe that it’s gonna work out. So they start to look for evidence for all of the reasons as to why they’re not gonna get the results, why this isn’t gonna work out.

And the way our brain works is we will always find evidence to prove what we believe to be true, whether. Don’t want that to be true or not. I don’t want it to be true, but I’m looking for evidence because what I’m subconsciously telling myself is this isn’t gonna work. It’s never worked before. I’ve never been able to lose the weight of how these gut issues forever.

But you came in with a mindset of, I’m gonna win, I’m gonna win, I’m gonna change my body, I’m gonna transform my body, and it’s that mindset. ultimately allows you to be successful in any program. No program’s ever gonna be perfect. You know, there’s tweaks and modifications that we have to make along the way.

Yes. You know, with your program, we made some kind of tweaks and modifications. A lot of what we’re doing in my gut health repair program is I’m teaching everybody the tools and then they’re kind of applying it to them, but very similar. It’s not gonna be a straight linear path. There’s gonna be some personal tweaks and modifications that need to be made.

Just because we have to make a tweaker modification doesn’t mean you’re not gonna get there. And I also love that you said that, you know, this was a six months or, or longer, you know, transformation that you had to do and very often very similar. I’ll see people kind of step in and. One week goes by, two weeks go by and they go, oh my gosh, this isn’t working.

I’m not getting the results that I want, and I’m out. And I, I feel really, really sorry for those people. I get it, but I feel really, really sorry for them because they just wind up. Right back where they were before. And because they’re not really trusting, it all really goes back to trust. So when you started this program, you’re like, I trust that I’m gonna win.

I trust that I’m gonna get the results. And if a, if a week went by, two weeks went by, and I’m not saying this is easy. This can be very, very difficult, especially if you’ve tried so many different things. Sometimes we need to ask the question is part of the reason we haven’t gotten the results because of the fact that we’ve started and stopped and because we were looking for all of the reasons for it to not work, and if we would’ve actually really gone all in on the program on ourselves, that we could have really ultimately gotten the results.

So I think that’s really powerful with what you, you said there just about, I had an all in type mentality. Not saying you were perfect. You, you did say that, Hey, I have gone off a little bit, you know, here and there. Not saying I’ve been perfect, but you had the mindset of, I’m gonna win, I’m gonna be successful and I’m not gonna quit in this in entire journey.

And I know it’s gonna take some time. And this is not a sprint, this is a long game because I wanna. I wanna look out, you know, feeling my best, looking my best, you know, for the rest of my life I’m in, you know, my later half of my fifties. And I wanna feel, and I’ve said this to many people, I’m like, Sally, you look better than so many women I’ve even met in their, in their thirties.

But you weren’t always there, like you have gotten there because of the mindset that you’ve had. And, and also too, what you’ve shared. You know, you decided you wanted to time collapse and I’m a big believer in working with a coach for that exact reason. Yeah. You know, especially when it came to like my business.

I have a business coach, I have someone for, for therapy, my mindset kind of coach that I work with here too. And the reason is, is I could. Learned through a ton of lessons and mistakes myself. Mm-hmm. , I could spend hours and hours researching myself when it comes to my business, or it comes to just trial and error with like, things that I’ve walked through in my life and how that’s, you know, affecting my current place that I’m in.

But I’d rather pay somebody who has that area of expertise to time collapse, because then I can take that energy that I would’ve spent there, put it towards something else. And honestly, for a lot of people who do this, like in business right, they end up making more money because Correct. They’re, they’re allowing their energy to spent on, spent on the things that it needs to be spent on.

Instead of, you know, spending on things where you’re just trying to figure it out yourself, which can work, but it’s definitely the harder path to ultimately take. Right?

[00:21:12] Sally Gardocki: Correct. And, you know, a couple of different things within that. You know, I, I think that. Everybody wants that, that golden pill to take.

And your health is never gonna be just the one thing, you know. It’s always gonna be what I call expanding knowledge. Because as technology gets better, as we have better ways to track certain things, as we. Learn how to track those things like the fitness app, um, you know mm-hmm. , I, I’m still so bad sometimes about putting everything in there , but I have learned to gauge it a little better, you know?

And, and another thing talking about ups and downs, I mean, throughout this journey that you and I had, um, I had to have. Four organs and a tumor removed. Mm-hmm. . And you had to completely rewrite my protocol, my program, everything that I was doing, um, because I, I couldn’t do a lot of that stuff for six weeks.

So, um, you know, and again, I was bummed because I knew I was going to lose some of the muscle that I had built. I knew that I could potentially have bloating issues. It was a major. Stomach, um, you know, ovary kind of issue. And, um, I was like, oh my God, I’ve worked so hard and now I gotta start over. But again, you know, it’s just, well, I’m not gonna fail.

I mean, I, you know, you, you just set out and say, it’s not gonna get the best of me. I mean, I, I always laugh and say to my son who’s in the army, you know, some days you get the bear and some day the bear gets you mm-hmm. . Um, but the important thing is you get back up to fight the bear every. And you don’t just, you know, roll over, never roll over.

Um, there’ll be plenty of time for that when we’re dead. So, um, while we’re here and while we have a day with our feet on the ground, why not just try to be our best selves? I think, um, you know, women tend to compare themselves to other women, and I, it’s a horrible thing. I don’t have a daughter, so, uh, I don’t have an experience with a young girl growing up and, and trying to teach her not to do that because I think it’s a.

Self-defeating thing, and it becomes part of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Like you were saying. You know, if you dig yourself that hole, you’re just gonna keep digging it deeper and deeper and deeper. And with social media, you look around and you’re like, oh, this person’s so fit. And it’s, and then you find out, you know, they’ve airbrushed themselves or whatever, you know, it’s.

Not even real anyway. Um, but women tend to just get down. We, we get so down on ourselves and you’ve gotta be your own best cheerleader. And one of the things that you can do very simply every day is Skip. And this is what I had to do. in my own calendar. I had to schedule my workouts at first and I put them down, you know, however many I was doing and whatever time it was.

And I scheduled really like myself into my life. Um, and then, you know, having somebody like you to say, all right, let’s say what you need to do this, you know, five or six times a week, and this is where you. For yourself and, and then just being like, yes, I’m going to show up for myself. And no, you’re not gonna feel like doing it every time.

You know when it’s Friday and it’s nine o’clock at night, , and that was the first time you got outta your office. Um, but you scheduled it. So just show up for yourself and do it. Um, and, and having the tools that you’re giving everybody and telling them, you know, there’s gonna be a point too of saturation where you’re like, okay, uh, how, what do I need to know about this sibo?

And like, I don’t wanna. , you know, take something that’s gonna mess it up. You know, I don’t wanna eat a whole bunch of stuff that’s gonna, you know, upset my low FODMAP diet, but you’re that, and that’s gonna happen. You know, as long as you’re taking two steps forward and just one back rather than one forward and two back, then you’re, you’re okay.

Yeah. You know, we’re all human and this is a learning curve and a learning experience, but, you know, with consistency in listening to you, I mean, Rachel knows what she’s talking. She’s walked this, she’s lived it with a lot of different people. She’s seen a lot of things. Um, you know, anytime I pick a doctor for anything, I want to go to that doctor who’s done nothing but that one thing because we’re all specialized.

It’s the same in my on legal practice. I do one kinda law and that’s it. And Rachel sees this all day long, and I think a lot of women probably wind up with you because they have that same issue that I did. You tried a lot of. It didn’t work and it’s easy to get frustrated, but Rachel’s program is not just any other program.

You know, you are gonna have that frustration level on some of those programs cuz they’re not meant for you. They’re, they’re written for a general purpose. Everybody. Everybody who pays X amount and gets the same thing. You don’t get that with Rachel. You get a very specific. Program because she’s seen enough of this and studied it enough that she knows what will work for your body, your blood work, your test results, what you need to avoid, but just trust the process.


[00:26:22] Rachel Scheer: right, guys. I got a giveaway coming at you. Have you guys have heard we are launching my gut health repair program again this December, and I am going to be giving it away free. To one lucky person, and this is all you have to do. You have to be following the Sheer Madness Podcast on Instagram along with all of my other pages at Rachel Sheer and at Rachel Sheer Nutrition.

And then take a screenshot of you listening to this podcast, sharing it in your story tagging. All three Instagram accounts, and then part three, you have to leave the Sheer Madness Podcast, an incredible review. By doing all three of these steps, you’ll be entering into the contest to win my entire gut health repair program that’s gonna be starting this December, even in like our group base setting.

It’s not meant to be. Here’s this exact food plan. A lot of what I do is teaching people how to become their own expert. Like these are foods that we wanna stay away from that aren’t good for your guts. Yeah. And here’s how I would structure your meals with getting protein, fats, and fiber with each of these meals.

And here’s how to calculate your own macros and here’s how to calculate your protein based off of your own goals. So there’s still a level of customization, even when we do it more in like, Based setting. Um, but you’re correct, especially when we have all of the lab testing, we have that extra layer of customability to really see like this is a specific core issue.

Um, both are gonna be incredible approaches depending on where you’re at in your journey. Right. Some people need a little bit more hands-on, one-on-one intention. They need all of the labs. Yeah. Some people, you know, do really, really well. Just kind of with some of that self. You know, approach, because there is some generalities that does apply to most people, but still it’s up to the person who customize it specifically for their body.

You know, and this is where I’ve had people say like, Hey, I’ve done other programs before, and they spell, they spelled out to me exactly what to eat, eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I’m doing your program. And here you’re kind of just kind of telling me what to eat and serving sizes, but not telling me exactly what to eat.

And I, I kind of had a say is like, well, How come you are coming to my program if that, you know, that didn’t work. That didn’t work. See, that obviously didn’t work. I’m just following a cookie cutter program saying just eat this, eat this, eat this, because then, It’s not customized to you, and what do we do when we eat off of that?

You know? So we really do need to learn, and that’s really big about our philosophy at Rachel’s Shared nutrition as to why we don’t just give someone, you know, a perfect diet plan and say, eat this now go off and follow it, is because they don’t really learn anything ultimately from that, um, we really have to.

Figure out what’s gonna be the best thing for our body. There may be some generalities, but still at the end of the day, there’s gonna be a level of having to customize it specifically for your goals, specifically for how your body responds to different foods, how you feel throughout the day, your hungry, your appetite.

All of those different things are gonna make, you know, a big, a big, uh, difference. We have people in the, in our gut health repair program who wanna gain weight. We have some people who wanna lose weight. We have some people who wanna maintain their. You know, most of them want to heal their gut, you know?

Yeah. So there’s that level of, even though all of them are wanting to heal their gut, there’s a level of customization still with everybody, with how their nutrition is ultimately gonna look. But I think, you know, the biggest thing and why I really, really wanted to bring you on is because most people, honestly, Sally, don’t have your mindset.

They really, really don’t like, and I can teach people so much about, like, this is kind of how your diet should. You know, I can even do extensive lab testing on somebody if we go the one-on-one coaching route and I can give ’em all of the information, the nutrition, even the workout plans for them to do.

Um, But at the end of the day, the thing that really sets us back is that mindset, and that is something that I can coach people on, but we are so hardheaded and we are so stuck in our way sometimes that sometimes it’s very, very difficult for us to really kind of change the way we’re thinking about things not impossible.

Sometimes hearing from people like you and the mindset that you’ve carried, you know, and really reading, reaching that point. . Okay. What’s the commonality here between all of these different things as to why I feel like I constantly are starting and stopping and you know, nothing’s ever working for me.

It can be a combination of things. It can definitely be the plan and the protocol, but we really have to sit back and ask ourself, have I really given my all in everything? Or have I really kind of copped out early?

[00:31:00] Sally Gardocki: Yes, that’s absolutely right. And you know, it’s so true of every single thing we do in life.

This applies to every single thing we do. And when my son was younger and I was trying to really sort of teach him that, because a lot of life is not determined by your intelligence, but by your resilience. And your grit and how do you teach that in a, in a kid, you know, it’s the same as how do you get up every day and have a disciplined diet or a disciplined system, and it’s really, you know, that always told him it was that last 5% effort.

Because it’s the last 5% that most people aren’t willing to give. And if you’re just willing to, you know, every day just go, I’m gonna do one more thing, I, I’m just gonna do one more thing, then that helps develop that mindset. So maybe, um, for instance, putting it in a setting like this, you know, somebody is coming up short.

Their protein are tracking those macro, you know, every day they’re coming up a little bit short. Well, you know what? Do put it in Fitness Pal the night before? Mm-hmm. , you know, and so that it doesn’t become some big bad monster in the middle of the day. You know, where you’re like, oh my God, how am I going to eat 80 grams of protein now?

I mean, it’s four 30, you know? And so you plan to succeed. You plan for the win. Um, because if you don’t plan at all, Chances are you’re probably gonna fail at whatever it is that you were trying to achieve. And again, that’s about everything in life. So I, I think, and it, and it’s the same really, the , the same amount of effort and it took me half my life to realize that.

But what I mean by that is, you know, cuz if you fail, God, you gotta start back over or you gotta start with something else. And that’s a lot more effort than just that last 5% would. Yeah. And so you’ve, you, you know, a lot of people are just like, you know, little hamsters on a wheel and you get on that wheel and you just do the same thing, and you do the same thing.

But if you’re not having the results that you want, whatever it is, with your health, with your financial life, with your business, with whatever it is, at some point you have to stop and say, well, does that mediocrity make me. And if the answer to that is no, then you’ve gotta change your mindset. And it doesn’t have to be huge.

It doesn’t have to be overnight. It just has to be part of who you really are. So if somebody, um, peeled the onion back, that’s what they would see. Well, you know what? It, it meaning in law school, you know, I, I learned a lot of this in law school. I was not the smartest person there. Um, I did not study as much as a lot of the other people.

Um, but I showed up every day and I took notes and I tried. I mean, I, I tried my hardest and trying your hardest and showing up. Well beat most of the people in the room, most of. I agree. Um, you know, and, and, and when I, when I’m hiring people, you know, I’m trying to gauge, is this the kind of person I want beside me?

Um, or is this somebody who’s just always gonna be behind me and rely on what I’m doing? You know, because I can’t always pull the weight for everybody. Mm-hmm. . But it, it’s that mentality you have to take with your own. Because it is you at the, at the front of that spearhead, and nobody else is gonna be worried if you didn’t eat your sweet potato at, at lunch.

And nobody else is gonna be worried if you did not eat your body weight and protein at the end of the day. But you should, you know, if your health is really important to you. And, um, you know, again, it it’s just letting that sort of, you gotta just keep thinking of it that way and thinking of it. You know what, if you keep doing this, if, if everybody’s doing what you’re telling them to do, You are gonna win in the end of this, you’re gonna have the knowledge, you’re gonna have the power.

You will probably have felt some of those changes. You’re not gonna be as bloated, you’re not gonna have those same digestive issues and you’re probably gonna look a lot better. And heck, you’ve learned something along the way as well. And I think as humans, um, we need to keep. , you know, every day we need to wake up and see what we can learn because time here is finite.

It’s not infinite. And I know what kind of, um, body I wanna have, because you know what? We can BS all we want. But at the end of the day, when you’re walking through an airport, you’re walking through a grocery store or wherever. When you see somebody who is fit, it says they have discipl. It says they have willpower.

It says they care enough about themselves to do what it takes. Mm-hmm. , and that’s powerful. It, it’s not about trying to just, oh, you know, one up somebody. It’s about having that kind of ability to have people. You know, listen, like, Hey, I’ve done this. Yeah. And, and the other thing I love about working out and, and doing this is that you can’t buy this.

I, I, you can’t pay, I can’t pay somebody to go in there every night for me and work out. It’s something that you earn and when you earn something for yourself that just motivates you for the next day. Mm-hmm. , and it motivates you in all areas of your life. And I, I hope some of your ladies in your group will learn that because that’s really important.

I mean, what we’re talking about here is our health and in eating and working out being consistent, but this’ll affect other parts of your life in ways that you don’t know. Right.

[00:37:06] Rachel Scheer: Yeah, 100%. You know, when our health suffers, it really does impact every single area. And I’ve spoken to, you know, when my gut was off and I wasn’t confident in my own body, like I didn’t show up, of course, confident in how I spoke.

Um, I did not do podcasting or speaking or anything like that, of course, but you know, I could barely focus when it came to my work. So there was no growth there. You know, I wasn’t pushing myself, I wasn’t getting outta my comfort zone. You know, so I agree with you. It affects every single area of our life.

Yeah. We tend to think of it as, okay, it’s just the way how I fit my clothes, you know? But it, it’s so much more than that, and as much as we don’t wanna say it, but people do really pay attention to people who are fit because it’s the underlying message. That is being told about, you know, your character ultimately is, you’re saying some, you’re saying I’m a disciplined person.

I take care of my body. And especially like Right, like you mentioned, hiring in a business, they say this person is disciplined, they take care of themselves. Mm-hmm. You know, we can see those underlying message because, you know, we, we were in public. , oftentimes what we do in private, and not to say there can’t be some things that are actually truly off in our body, and that’s where sometimes the lab testing is really, really important, you know, to identify that.

But ultimately, at the end of the day, you know, a lot of that really does come back to self-respect and people respect us more. And it, it’s so much more than just the physical part of it, like the appearance. It’s really about that underlying message. Person respects themselves and we wanna respect people who respect themselves, their back.

Yes. And I also like that you used the word discipline instead of motivation, because I also think we tend to rely on motivation. I don’t feel like it, I’m not feeling motivated. and if I only ever acted when I was motivated, I would not have the body, the physique. I wouldn’t have healed from my gut issues.

I wouldn’t have get in the workouts. I wouldn’t do honestly any of the stuff I do because people are surprised when I say, you know what? I am motivated less often than I actually am motivated. And that’s where it’s then stepping into action and discipline because the more action you. The more motivation you create and therefore then you take more action.

So sometimes it’s that first step of being like, I don’t really feel like it. I don’t want to, but I’m gonna act in spite of thoughts, feelings, moods, and emotions. I’m gonna still go to the gym. I bet you didn’t feel like going to the gym late night on that Friday. Yeah. You know, after you’re exhausted at work, but you felt really, really good.

And there is something really about that delayed gratification and also doing something that we don’t always feel like doing. Like it doesn’t feel good in the moment. But it feels so good later. And I think That’ss also where true, you know, happiness comes from Joy’s a little bit different. Joy can be very much like in the moment, but happiness very often comes from that discipline.

I pushed myself, I got out of my comfort zone. I did something that I ultimately didn’t feel like doing, but I knew that was so good for me. And that’s where honestly, a lot of true happiness comes from, in my opinion, one avenue at least. Yes,

[00:40:12] Sally Gardocki: I, I totally agree with all of that, and I think that it’s good for our family to see that as well.

Um, especially the moms in your group who are raising children. Um, I think it’s a great thing for your children to see that you can be disciplined as well as, Asking, uh, and demanding, um, discipline from them because that sets a different tone of respect in the relationship that you have with them. I think that, um, you know, and it’s great modeling behavior, uh, for them later on as well, but I, I just, you know, can’t stress enough that, um, you have the information, you have the tools, if you’ll just.

Rachel halfway. Um, you know, and, and just do, even if you’re tired, if you’re like, ah, I don’t feel it, just do it. You know, like the, like the Nike thing says, just do it. Just do it. Um, because you really will. Even if, even when I get there sometimes, and you know, I’ve been tired cuz I never get to work out until this time at.

And, um, you know, if I’m tired, I always find myself energized by 10 or 15 minutes into it. I forget that, you know, I got another hour to go. I don’t even think of it that way. I listen to my music and I just really sorta consider that my therapy and it’s, it’s free and it benefits me so, That’s how I look at it.

[00:41:41] Rachel Scheer: Yeah. And and you’re not looking at it as, okay, I’m doing this to get here. Like, that’s part of it, but that’s not the whole part of it. Like anybody who stays consistent with their nutrition or with their fitness program or whatever it is they’re doing that’s trying to create the change that they want in their life, it is because they.

What benefits them right now versus what’s gonna benefit them, you know, five months from now, six months from now. Yeah, so that’s where when we’re focused on, Hey, I need to lose 30 pounds, but I can’t find any kind of benefit to me right now, any kind of enjoyment. That’s when it’s gonna be really, really difficult, and we’re not gonna maintain it in the long run.

So, like for me, I, I love my workouts. I agree with you. It’s my therapy, it’s my time to connect with myself. It’s, yeah, you know, I, I have to have that time, otherwise you trust me. You don’t wanna be around me. Um, and then my nutrition. I enjoy the foods that I eat. I truly enjoy the food that I eat. It makes my gut feel good.

I feel good with my energy, and I like the way that my food tastes. So, I get benefit here today from what I’m doing with my nutrition and what I’m doing with my exercise. And then I get the delayed gratification of, you know, the body composition changes that I get. But I think so often we focus on that, hey, just that body composition change, but not really of what this is benefiting me now.

And if we can really tap into something called, I would say blissful dissatisfaction. So being dissatisfied, meaning I have a goal, but. Enjoying the process right here and right now. Yeah, that’s what I think really ultimately helps us be consistent in the long run. And this is where, you know, I’ve been able to do it for, you know, 10 plus years and people always ask me, Rachel, how have you maintained your body composition for so long?

I go, cause I enjoy it. That’s the only answer I can give ’em is I enjoy the foods that I eat. I enjoy my exercise. So it’s not work for me ultimately at the end of the day. Exactly. Yeah. It’s part

[00:43:34] Sally Gardocki: of your life. And I think that should really be the goal for every American, quite frankly, um, is that our food and nutrition and exercise become a part of our active.

Lifestyle in America, we don’t have enough people moving. Uh, you know, you, you look around and you can see so many more sedentary people, so many more health problems. Um, yeah. And most people start all this kind of stuff to look better. Sure. But at this point, you know, like when we’re talking about what keeps me motivated in the journey that we’ve had, you know, I just wanna be strong.

Um, I think that that’s, that’s part of it for me. I feel like I’m can be mentally strong, but I also wanna be physically strong and I never have been. I’m small. Like I was always like the runt. I did not play sports. Um, you know, I would definitely not have been the person picked in Red Rover, red Rover. Um, because I could break no arm, you know, Holden.

Um, but I just like the fact that, you know, I can go in there and, um, I keep pushing myself and, and, you know, don’t, don’t have a set number in your mind when you’re going through this, with, even with weights. Like if you’ve only ever been able to do. 10 pounds. Do those 10 pounds, but then, you know, throw a couple of, try a couple of twelves at the end of that , um, you know, and you just keep, keep your mindset active and know where it is on that day, and then know where you want it to be and just keep working towards that.

[00:45:08] Rachel Scheer: Yeah, I agree. And what would you say for women who kind of have that mentality of, you know what, it only gets worse as I get older. I’m never gonna be able to get this weight off. It’s it’s age. Just wait until you, you know, and I can’t speak to that a as much. Right. Yeah. Because I haven’t, I haven’t gone through menopause a reality.

Yeah. Yeah. I haven’t had a baby yet, yet. It’s, it’s definitely on. The, the time goal with everything, but like, I haven’t, but you have, you have had babies, you have in the, the business, you know, and how would you speak to

[00:45:41] Sally Gardocki: that? That’s a great question because you know, you do sort of, we all, I think, look around at our own age group, no matter where we are in that cycle and you sort of say, oh, where am I in comparison again?

Here we go. You know, the women comparing themselves. But I think that. I did always think, oh my gosh, you know, once you hit like 45, you can forget it. If you weren’t in shape before then there’s no way you can get in shape. And it’s just simply not true. Um, it’s amazing to me that people my age, um, people I went to like high school or college with, you know, they’ll ask me or send me messages and say, did you have plastic surgery?

Mm-hmm. . And it’s almost insulting because I wanna be like, now that would. an easy way out of anything. And I don’t ever take the easy way out of anything they think like I did. Uh, well, there’s no way you can change that, but there is. You absolutely can. And um, my only regret is that I waited this long. To try to, to have this much of a change.

Um, because I think I, I probably could have done it before. I just was more focused on other parts of my life. And one of the things that I have said throughout my whole life is that exercise is always there for us. Um, we’re not always there for it. But it is always there for us. And when we can get back to it, we should.

And when we need to be challenged and get out of a rut, uh, do something different. You know? Um, I, I did Reebok a million years ago, even before they had the benches , we had to build them out of wood. That’s how old I am. Um, but you know, just never get in a rut and you absolutely. always affect a change. And you know, there are people, um, you know, a couple people even that I follow, ladies that are like 70 years old and they’re still doing like, you know, professional

Yeah, yeah. I’m like, oh my God. I mean, they have incredible bodies and some of them didn’t even start until they were 60, so that’s just a. It’s a myth that has been perpetuated by women, three women for years, and we need to stop thinking that way because if you, if you can think it, you can do it and you really can affect your own body.

[00:48:05] Rachel Scheer: And I think sometimes we don’t really know the difference between something that’s common and something that’s normal, you know? Correct. It is common. When we go through menopause and we haven’t been taking care of our body, we haven’t been exercising that we gain weight. Yeah, it’s, it’s very common when we go through menopause, we end up with all of these, these symptoms, but all of it typically are a byproduct.

And if we look around, most of the population is overweight, no obese. Yeah. . Most the population has insulin resistance. Yeah. Has, is diabetic, has metabolic disease. Most of the population suffers from depression and all of these, these different things. Yeah. But just because something is common, it doesn’t mean it’s normal.

So people look around them and they say, oh, this is normal. This is just what happens. And I, I hate when I hear that. Yeah. So, so much. And I know hate is a very strong word. It’s not normal. It’s common. It is common, but it’s not normal and it doesn’t have to be your normal. Correct. If you choose for it to not be.

And you know, we can of course like start as soon as possible. As soon as you get the information, you get the mindset shift. We wanna be able to make those changes. You know, like you said, that’s the only regret is you wish you didn’t start SU, but you still were able to make those changes in your. 55 years, I think when you started to work with me, you know, post-menopausal and, you know, still lose fat, build muscle, you know, create an incredible physique.

Honestly, guys like she seriously looks better than so many 30 year olds that I’ve seen that are like half of her her age. So like she, she’s crushing it. And the reason why is 100% her mindset. And her discipline that she’s been able to carry throughout this entire process. And I, and I can teach that. I can do my very, very best to teach that, but sometimes it’s something that we just have to really, really tap into and it can change in a moment of time if we choose for it to change.

It’s not saying it’s easy, but I truly believe we can change our mindset and change the belief that we have about ourself. Doesn’t mean that old self gravity isn’t kind of try to come back in and be like, oh, and try to pull us back to where we were before. But every single day it’s a. Right. That’s true.

We get to choose to lean into discipline, leaning into that. This is gonna work out, leaning into having more of this abundant type mindset. Or we can choose to have a scarcity mindset. Look at how everything is not gonna work, how it’s not working, how I’m not gonna get the results, how it’s everything around me’s fault.

It’s my age, it’s my kids. Yes, it’s my family. It’s, it’s, it’s my genetics. We can decide to point in the finger or we can take ownership for ourself and our health ultimately. And that’s truly what you. And why you’re successful is you took massive action. You took massive ownership over your health, over your life, over you, what you wanted to create.

Ultimately on this journey. You found a coach. You found somebody who had the knowledge, who could help guide you, who could time collapse, but then you ultimately got the results because of the mindset that you carried and you had that abundance. I’m gonna get it done. I’m gonna achieve it. I don’t care what happens, even a surgery or anything along the way.

I am going to win type mindset.

[00:51:13] Sally Gardocki: Well, thank you. I appreciate that. I really do feel like I couldn’t have gotten this far without you, and that’s why the people in your group are lucky because they have a cheerleader in their corner and they don’t, may may not even know that at this point, you know? Um, but that is one of the keys.

And it’s also surrounding yourself with people who are reflective of that new mindset. Because you know, we’re sort of a combination of, I think it’s like the four or five most important people that we talk to every day. And there are gonna be people who, you know, try to say, oh, you can’t change that, but I mean, what are you doing that for?

And you can’t let that become what you hear. You know, you have to sort of carry your own tune and listen to what. You feel internally, and if you start to doubt and you start to wonder, you know, this isn’t working or that isn’t working, then you really need to just sorta sit down with a piece of paper in a pencil and say, what are the top three reasons I think this won’t work.

And sort of, you know, demystify your own bumped theories, you know, because if you can get to the bottom of why you feel that way, then you can fix it. Just like if you can get to the bottom of why you have a leaky gut, uh, you can fix that. So you, you can. The, you know, what’s going on up here, um, by thinking it through.

And if you’re, if you’re saying, I’m not seeing any results, I don’t know, I still feel bloated, well then really sort of tighten up that tracker. You know, what are you eating? I mean, I was eating, what was it, those, those like Ollies, those like 10 of them a day, those little gummies. And I was like, well, there’s no, you know, there’s nothing in that.

But there was and it was some of the stuff that you. Made me bloat some of those fake sugars. Um, but you know, again, you’re, you’re gonna have those moments where you’re like, I don’t know. Why is this happening? And you just have to sort of be your own best, you know, teacher, sort of, um, you know, just.

Persevere through that kind of stuff. But you know, again, don’t, don’t compare yourself to other people your age because you, you don’t have to, you know, just compete within yourself and, and figure out where you wanna be.

[00:53:41] Rachel Scheer: Yeah. Really comes down to trust in self and then trust in the entire process and who you’re working with.

So exactly. That’s what’s really gonna get you the results in where you wanna be. So this has been awesome, Sally. I appreciate you so much for coming on, speaking your knowledge. I know all of the women will benefit from today’s talk, just about the mindset, yet you carried. And how you’ve really overcame, you know, all of these different things.

Surgery, age, busy work, babies, all the excuses that I hear all the time. Like , you’ve been able to get it done because of the mindset that you’ve carried. So it’s incredibly powerful. I know so many people are gonna benefit from hearing your story and hearing your talk. So again, thank you so much. I, I appreciate you more than you know, and I’ve loved having you as a.

[00:54:31] Sally Gardocki: Thank you. I feel the very same. I really appreciate it and I’m, I couldn’t have found a better coach for this. So, and we’ll, we’ll have a long journey, .

[00:54:41] Rachel Scheer: If you guys want some more information even about some of the testing that we do, you can check out rachel and I appreciate you guys. I’m doing this as a dual podcast, so that’s why I’m ending today’s episode this way.

So share this also. Your social media. I’d love to hear from you guys, and this is Ben Shared madness.

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