How to Spot and Avoid Burnout with Dr Amy Shah

Burnout often gets characterized as a badge of honor or a sign that you’re successful in life, but for those of us that have experienced it before, we know it’s no joke. The reality is that burnout is much different and much more significant than stress, which is often temporary and manageable, and it needs to be handled with attention and care.

In today’s episode, we talk to Dr. Amy Shah, double board certified MD and author of I’m So Effing Tired, about how to recognize when you might be burning out and how you can counteract it!

0:00 – Introduction
1:40 – What is burnout?
6:45 – How burnout can affect your sleep
8:49 – Early symptoms of burnout
21:01 – How burnout can affect women differently than men
24:37 – How to prevent burnout as an athlete
28:18 – Circadian fasting
34:12 – Taking action against burnout
38:07 – How to be more joyful in life
45:45 – Closing

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