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How to Take a Root Cause Approach to Healing with Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. John Kim

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Dr. John Kim is a leader in functional medicine – he has been a foremost voice in health, wellness, and preventative medicine.  He received his Doctorate in Pharmacy from Rutgers University with High Honors and trained in Functional Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. In today’s episode we talk about:

  • What a functional medicine approach really looks like for optimal healing, beyond just supplements and extensive lab testing
  • How we can use breath-work to balance our nervous system
  • How psychedelics can be used for treating trauma
  • What areas we need to look at firs for healing and the role that nutrition and gut health play

You can connect or follow Dr. John Kim on his website or instagram.


0:00 – Intro
8:39 – Functional Medicine
12:00 – Culture
17:44 – What Kim Looks at First with Patients
25:58 – Gut Connection With Body
40:55 – Psychedelics
53:23 – Simple Steps You Can Take
59:55 – Closing

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Rachel Scheer

Rachel Scheer

Rachel Scheer is a Certified Nutritionist who received her degree from Baylor University in Nutrition Science and Dietetics. Rachel has her own private nutrition and counseling practice located in McKinney, Texas. Rachel has helped clients with a wide range of nutritional needs enhance their athletic performance, improve their physical and mental health, and make positive lifelong eating and exercise behavior changes.

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