How to use Breathwork and the Power of a Coach to Heal with Valentina Lequeux

Valentina Lequeux is a fitness coach with an online social media following of over 1.9 million and has been running an online coaching business for over 5 years. She has worked with more than 3000 people to transform not only their body but mental barriers that prevent them from reaching their goals.

Her goal is to eradicate the start-stop fitness cycle and to help people learn to love themselves, by working on the internal and external physical body, but more importantly their mindset and realizing their self-worth.

To help people see that their self worth isn’t defined by their physique , but by the character they build through daily actions. She says “before we engage in anything, everything starts with a thought. If you train yourself to choose thoughts that will lead you into a more loving reality, the reflection in the mirror won’t be a menacing one.

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0.00 Intro

7:30 Physical Part

10:46 Mental Health

15:50 Who You really are

24:07 Self Worth

27:17 Body Image

39:10 Breathing

45:23 Closing

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