How to Use Keto for Longevity and Optimizing Your Body and Mind with Ben Azadi

This week, we’re talking all about keto. Ben Azadi was in a dark period of his life when he decided to explore keto and how it could help him. What followed was an incredible 80-pound fat loss journey and the beginning of his incredible career as the a speaker, author, podcaster, and more!

Ben is the founder of Keto Kamp and the author of the recently published Keto Flex.

0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – Ben’s Background
7:15 – Ben’s Transformation
14:41 – Why Ben Chose Keto
17:24 – Fat-burner vs Carb-burner
26:42 – Intermittent Fasting
38:23 – Common Keto Mistakes
50:50 – Advice from Ben
55:46 – Closing Thoughts

You can learn more about Ben on Instagram @thebenazadi.

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