Kathryn Gordon: How to Create Powerful and Long Lasting Relationships

Today, in the Scheer Madness Podcast, Kathryn Gordon joins Rachel to talk about relationships. They exchange insightful thoughts on the four big C’s – communication, connection, commitment, and care – how practicing these can help strengthen any relationship and how the lack of either one can lead to the relationship to fall apart and fail. They also talk about the biggest challenges that can affect the stability of most relationships, surviving infidelity, and some of the best ways to help each other level up.  

Kathryn is a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a best selling author, but what she’s most known for in her circles is her unwavering ability to call it as she sees it and ask the tough questions. She’s the co-author of the book, Relationship Grit: A True Story with Lessons to Stay Together, Grow Together, and Thrive Together, and she hosts her own podcast, Kathryn For Real.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:16 Your most important title in life
  • 06:10 How long have you been together?
  • 10:43 Being with a jealous partner
  • 15:06 We’re all on the same team
  • 26:01 Show your partner that you care about them
  • 29:30 Continue to grow together
  • 34:59 Let your partner know they are wanted
  • 40:12 Be vulnerable in your relationship
  • 43:54 The relationship G.R.I.T.
  • 51:44 Why relationships fail?
  • 54:09 Can relationships survive infidelity?
  • 59:45 Help each other level up
  • 01:01:36 How do you fight?  

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