Everyone’s physiological makeup is different, therefore nutrition and wellness aren’t always black and white. There are many factors that can affect why you don’t feel your best, from diet and exercise to stress, to possibly an underlying imbalance within the body.

A personalized approach to help you feel your best, achieve your health and wellness goals, and stay accountable. Whether your focus includes weight loss, weight gain, rebalancing digestion issues, athletic performance, or improving your relationship with food, our goal is to create a plan specific to you, based on your health history, habits, and unique situation.

This includes four months of coaching:

  • A 60-minute initial virtual consult reviewing your current diet and nutritional supplements and a treatment plan including diet, supplement, and lifestyle therapies.
  • 3 additional monthly 60-minute virtual follow-ups to adjust your current plan/protocol.
  • 2 group calls each month (8 total) with Rachel and her team for Q+A and accountability
  • Check-ins and direct message support with your coach through our app and private portal

Initial Consult

During this 60-minute Zoom appointment, one of our certified coaches will interview you to get to know your current health concerns, habits, as well as the desired outcomes you hope to achieve through health coaching.

Prior to the consultation, your coach will review your paperwork through our portal going over your health history, goals, diet and supplement information, and lifestyle habits. Your coach will use all of this information to provide a customized plan, including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations, and well as a plan for ongoing coaching.

This approach does not include functional medicine lab testing. If you are wanting testing, please see here.