Scheer Health: PCOS, Hormones, and Nutrition Tips with Christine the Dietitian

In this episode Christine Forsythe, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian at Rachel Scheer Nutrition shares how she used the power of nutrition to overcome PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome,) a hormonal condition that causes insulin resistance accompanied by inflammation and symptoms of weight gain, cystic acne, hair loss, and depression.

Throughout this episode we dive into:

  • What is PCOS and the 4 different types
  • How diet and lifestyle play a role hormones like estrogen, insulin, and cortisol
  • How we can take a functional (root cause) approach to weight-loss resistance, acne, and menstrual cycle irregularities.
  • How fats play a role in hormone and blood sugar support
  • Essential supplementation everyone should be on

Follow Christine on instagram @christine.thedietitian and book a free 15-minute consult if you’re interested in coaching or testing here!

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