Scheer Madness Podcast | An Inside Look: Elsie Maxin, RSN Client

Her story has greatly impacted myself, and I know it will impact so many of you. Here is an Inside Look on Elsie’s journey in working with me and what it has done for her life in all areas! 

Elsie started coaching with me back in October when she was suffering from acne, bloating, and trouble losing weight despite the efforts she was putting in. Elsie had visited many doctors and received topicals for her acne, however, she wanted to know why. Why was this all of a sudden happening?

With lab testing, we looked at her food sensitivity, gut microbiome (bacteria), probiotics that may be missing, hormones, adrenals, and so much more. What we found has served as life changing information for Elsie. 

We found that she was very low in Omega 3 fatty acids, which is an anti-inflammatory. We should have about a 2:1 ratio in our bodies of Omega 3s to Omega 6s, but with the Western diet, we get way too many omega 6s, which are found in things like processed meats and vegetable oils. 

Some other things we found were in her sensitivities to certain foods, leaky gut (causes metabolic issues, added inflammation, and leaky brain), and that she had a hard time methylating.  If you do not methylate well, you are not able to detox, estrogen builds up which causes weight gain, & toxicities build up in your body. 

When your gut is off, your skin is going to be off. Inflammation in the gut is going to cause chronic inflammation in the body directly causing inflammation in the skin, which is why she was seeing acne pop up. 

By introducing a nutrition protocol that would begin to heal her gut and implementing everyday lifestyle changes to help her towards her goals, we have seen such a transformation in Elsie. She has gone from 38% body fat to 26% body fat within 4 months! Not only has there been a physical transformation, but a mental one as well. 

Elsie realized that she had a choice. 

“I was responsible for where I was 4 months ago, so I was ultimately responsible for getting myself out of that place… I have always been such a people pleaser and historically have lived a life that others wanted me to live. This is the first time that I was standing up for myself, because this is what I knew I needed to do to live the longest, healthiest life possible… we are the greatest investments we can make”. 

Despite the criticism she has received from those around her, she mentions the importance of her husband’s support. They have started meal prepping together, and the greatest part is that her journey is directly impacting him. It is a snowball effect. People want the same energy and glow.

Elsie’s biggest advice: find someone you trust and commit to it. Your imperfect action beats inaction. It does not have to be the whole package, just get your foot in the door. 

“Now that I know this is possible, there is no limit.” – Elsie Maxin, RSN Client

Confidence is about you following through with the commitments you make to yourself. If you are ready to take that leap and commit to your healing journey, please email us at “[email protected]” or set up a free 15 minute phone call here. We are so excited to hear from you!


Listen to the full episode here!

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