The Power of Your Thoughts with Eben Britton

Ex-NFL Offensive Lineman turned Yogi, Eben Britton is a truth seeker driven by a
deep passion to inspire people to live in their highest greatness. Everything is
connected and everything matters, from the particle to the whole, the
individual to the tribe. Britton lives his life from the understanding that we are
all linked at the quantum level. His journey out of football took him deep into
the heart of plant medicine and meditation, leading him to the outer limits of
self-exploration. Now, Eben spends his time developing total wellbeing in the
individuals and organizations he works with. Britton lives in Los Angeles.
Today we have Eben Britten, NFL football player, turned yogi and best selling

4:08 – How does someone go from NFL to the path of yogi?
21:18 -How do you feel like this with a path towards your life’s calling / apprenticeship?
28:15 – How has meditation been a tool on your journey?
41:22 – How did you get out of your shell?
62:02 – What is a piece of advice you would want to give your younger self?
63:14 – Where can people find you?

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