Top Foods and Products that Destroy Your Gut Microbiome with Dr. Amy Shah

Today, in the Scheer Madness Podcast, we have Dr. Amy Shah joining us on the show. She is a double board certified medical doctor and wellness expert specializing in allergy, immunology, hormones, and gut health. She came on the podcast a little bit over a year ago, and we talked about how to spot and avoid burnout and the importance of circadian rhythm fasting. And today we’re gonna be diving all into gut health. So we’re gonna be talking all about why gut health is so important, what wreaks havoc on your gut, and what we can do to restore balance.


What We Discuss:

  • 00:00
  • 03:16 The gut bacteria are the little soldiers in our body
  • 05:45 Getting stuck in the cycle of eating poorly
  • 12:10 DIfference between looking fit vs being healthy
  • 14:52 Different ways the gut communicates with the brain
  • 26:16 Where can you get healthy dopamine?
  • 33:08 Dopamine and your relationship with alcohol
  • 37:41 Artificial flavors, sweeteners, and food
  • 45:17 To look and feel good takes a lot of work
  • 50:48 When you’re stressed, your body shuts off digestion
  • 55:49 Eating around the clock is a gut health killer
  • 01:01:24 Start with the very simple changes to improve gut health


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