Unleashing the Athlete with James Leath

James Leath is a mental performance coach, breath work guide, and the founder of Unleash the Athlete. With a masters degree in performance psychology, James has worked with the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bulls, and was the head of Leadership Development at IMG Academy. He currently lives in Dallas, TX. In this episode, Rachel and James talk about how they surround themselves with the right people, build a morning routine, and seek mentors to grow as individuals.


0:00 – Introduction

5:55 – Meaning of Words

15:50 – Power of the Mind

33:44 – Creating Sense of Self From Others

54:51 – Athlete Mindset

63:41 – Breathwork

For more from James Leath visit his website jamesleath.com. You can also follow him on social media @jamesleath.


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