What Is Functional Medicine?

Fruits and Vegetables with QuoteOf all the humans to step foot on this planet, only you have your specific genetic make-up, personality, and biochemistry all combined into one place… YOUR BODY!

Now THAT is truly amazing!

SO, what happens when you get sick or have a chronic disease?!

You go to the doctor, present your symptoms and they will most likely provide you with medication or medical procedure to alleviate those symptoms. This will either suppress your symptoms or physically remove the sickness all together depending on what you have, and the course of action they take. This is called conventional medicine. This is what most people think about when someone says the words “doctor,” “hospital” or “medicine.”

When thinking about disease, conventional medicine is an above the surface approach.

It assesses your symptoms to then match them with a treatment in an attempt to make them go away. It’s kind of like meeting someone new for the first time. You see what they look like, learn their name, exchange a few words and you’re on your way. They know you on a surface level, but they don’t know who you are on the inside. They haven’t taken the time yet to understand WHY you are the way you are.

Functional medicine on the other hand, is a root cause approach.Tree Visual of Diseases and Their Root Causes

It aims to find out WHY your symptoms are occurring without using a band- aid solution that will ultimately fail you in the long run. Functional medicine uses comprehensive lab testing to understand what specifically is going on in the body, to create an individualized plan for success. Think about your closest friends; they know you beyond the surface. They know you at your core and understand WHY you are the way you are.

In functional medicine, we understand you are a unique individual with a beautiful purpose.

We want to heal your body by looking at the root cause of your symptoms to empower you to live your best life.

Now, what I am not saying is that there is anything wrong with conventional medicine. There is a time and a place for it.

If you fell off a ladder while fixing your house and broke a leg…it is time to go to the hospital. In emergency or life threatening situations, you need to use conventional medicine. As anything in life, it has its time and place.

BUT, if you are having chronic and painful gut issues, most likely every time you go to the hospital you get another medication to hopefully relieve some of the pain. This is where conventional medicine is just giving you a band-aid to your problem without addressing WHY you are having those gut issues. Cue functional medicine! 

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