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Meet the Founder of the RSN Functional Nutrition Institute

Rachel Scheer is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner with a degree in Nutrition Science and Dietetics from Baylor University and the CEO and founder of Rachel Sheer Nutrition.

Deeply committed to serving others and helping them unleash their full potential, Rachel is also the visionary behind the RSN Functional Nutrition Institute, which offers comprehensive certification programs for coaches and practitioners.


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Many consider Western Medicine to be the ultimate solution to all health problems. But if that were true, wouldn’t we be the healthiest country in the world? Despite substantial healthcare spending, the U.S. has a higher rate of people with chronic illnesses than any other high-income nation.

What we have is sickcare, not healthcare.

However, there is a fundamental paradigm shift gaining traction in our nation today, led by Functional Medicine Nutrition practitioners and coaches. This movement centers around a Root Cause Approach which seeks to identify the source of health issues rather than treating their symptoms and offers a holistic and personalized approach to health and wellness.

The RSN Guide to Functional Nutrition is a comprehensive resource for both experienced and aspiring functional nutrition practitioners and coaches - based on the unique approach that grew Rachel Scheer Nutrition from a one-woman business into a national brand.

Rachel shares a wealth of knowledge and practical insights for coaches - covering essential principles of functional medicine, effective wellness protocols and treatments, and practical tips for applying a root cause approach with clients. Additionally, Rachel offers practical advice on the art of coaching - from common client archetypes you'll encounter as a coach, to strategies for facilitating positive change, to preventing burnout.

The RSN Guide to Functional Nutrition was originally designed as a compatible guide for students of the RSN Functional Nutrition Institute but applies to anyone interested in functional nutrition coaching."

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