Whether your goals are to build muscle, lose body fat, or just overall health improvement, I can work with you to help you achieve the body and lifestyle you want.

My background in nutrition science combined with my experience in strength and conditioning gives me the tools to build you a complete program that is sustainable and supports your continuous improvement to meet your goals.

Customized Diet Plans

The most effective way to achieve your goals is to create a personalized plan specifically designed to reach your needs. No super low-calorie deficits, carb restrictions, or cutting out foods. A proper diet plan will provide you with not only the appropriate amount of calories that your body needs, but also breaks them down into the optimal amounts of macronutrients, leaving you feeling full, satisfied, and well-nourished!

1. After purchasing a customized diet plan you will receive a new client nutrition assessment questionnaire. Email the completed form to scheerfitness@hotmail.com.

2. I will create your diet plan and send it to you via email 5-7 business days after receiving your completed questionnaire.

3. Let me know if any tweaks are needed. I am always available via email to answer any questions you may have!

Rachel Scheer’s 12 Week Body Transformation

The ultimate body transformation. A 12-week nutrition and training program with continuous one-on-one support to get you the results you want. You'll be equipped with everything you need to be successful long term. No FAD diets or quick-fixes, it’s a lifestyle change where the results last!

More Info on 12 Week Plan

Success Stories

Over 9 million people have turned to me via social media and my programs to help them transform their bodies. Now it's your turn too! Take a look, read their stories and become inspired to make the change today!
Lauren R.
After having my first child, I wanted to get my body back ASAP and that’s where Rachel came in. She customized a plan that got me healthy results quick!...
Tiffany C.
Hey guys! Really Love the program! It actually has helped me strengthen my glutes as well as tone and lifting it. I really enjoy the mobility of the workouts....

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