Dr. Ralph Esposito: Keys to Longevity and Hormonal Balance

Today, on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel is joined by Dr. Ralph Esposito, a naturopathic physician focused on optimizing health span and lifespan through nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental/emotional health and precision supplementation. He takes a personalized approach to preventive medicine by using evidence-lead tactics to teach people how to perform and feel their best while reducing the risk for chronic disease. Dr. Esposito dives into his story and how his upbringing led him to the health space. Dr. Ralph then dives into his keys for maintaining longevity, top tips for avoiding premature aging, and his take on how hormones like testosterone affect our long-term health.

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3:35 What motivated Dr. Esposito to get into the Health Industry

11:47 The Health Areas that Dr. Esposito focuses on first with his Patients/Clients

15:16 The Top Risk Factors for Diseases

23:00 The Importance of Having Making Good “Lifestyle” Choices

34:50 The Top Risk Factors of Premature Aging

41:17 Top Areas to Focus on to Mitigate Premature Aging

50:49 How Hormones Affect Longevity

1:04:26 What Dr. Esposito’s Typical Day looks like…

1:07:38 How to Connect with Dr. Esposito 

1:07:55 Outro


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Website: https://www.drralphesposito.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr.Ralphesposito/ 


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