Paola Telfer: Neurofeedback and Reprogramming the Brain

Today on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel is joined by Paola Telfer. Paola Telfer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to develop technology that improves lives. After a life-altering motor vehicle accident, Paola experienced the power of neurofeedback and recognized how it not only helped her recover, but also enhanced her focus and brain performance while also helping to deepen meditation and relaxation.

Paola dives into her motor accident and how the trauma that followed ultimately led her to the company she has founded today. Paola & Rachel then dive into the dangers of burnout, and conclude with talking about her company,, and the impact it is making on its users.

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0:00 Introductory Message

6:05 Paola’s Story

12:30 The Dangers of Burnout

25:22 How Paola’s Accident Led to Finding Neurofeedback

30:56 Having a Hypervigilant Nervous System

39:28 How Soon will Someone Using see Results?

48:10 How to Connect with Paola &

49:21 Final Thoughts from Paola

50:12 Outro


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