Why Do you Have Food Sensitivities?

Do you have digestive issues and you are cutting out more and more foods trying to figure out what is causing your symptoms? ? ⁣⁣
I hear this all too often. I get women that are only eating 10 foods because they don’t tolerate a variety of foods. Or women that have developed a fear of food because they blame what they eat on their symptoms.?⁣⁣
But have you ever asked what caused your food sensitivities in the first place???⁣⁣
Reacting to foods like this is not caused by the food itself but rather something likely contributing to leaky gut. Things like gut infections, stress, medications (i.e. birth control, antibiotics, etc) or antacids, toxins, or processed foods.??
I am not just talking about being sensitive to gluten or dairy. But if there is a long list of foods that your body doesn’t seem to tolerate then these sensitivities are likely a symptom NOT a root cause.
Just removing those foods or just doing a food sensitivity test causes you to miss out on a big healing opportunity and figuring out what is causing the leaky gut and inflammatory response in the first place.??‍♀️⁣⁣
It’s not just about the food! It’s about the gut ⁣⁣
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