HOW TO STOCK YOUR FRIDGE AND PANTRY FOR NUTRITION SUCCESS! Nutrition is about more than just eating healthy foods. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about feeling great because of what you eat, coupled with regular exercise. The best foods for you are going to be the ones that aren’t processed–AKA real food! This is everything from fruits,… Read more »

THE PYRAMID OF NUTRITION PRIORITIES WHAT YOU SHOULD BE PRIORITIZING WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR NUTRITION   WHERE THE FOOD PYRAMID WENT WRONG We all remember the old school food pyramid from 90s–an overstuffed breadbasket at its base and sweets and desserts at the top–Luckily, the ADA realized how flawed this nutritional approach was. The… Read more »

The diet mentality has such a strong presence in today’s culture. From internet and TV advertisements, to social networking; these mediums are ideal for people to share their opinions and recommendations on what they believe is best for health, fitness, and weight-loss. From the 1930’s grapefruit diet, to Dr. Adkin’s low carb diet of the… Read more »