Angela Foster: The Root Cause of Chronic Fatigue, High-Performance, and BioSyncing

Today on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel is joined by Angela Foster. Angela Foster is an award winning Nutritionist, Health & Performance Coach, Speaker and Host of the top rated global podcast, High Performance Health. She is also the creator of BioSyncing®, a unique program designed specifically for women who want to optimise every aspect of their physical, mental and spiritual health for high performance in business and life.

Angela dives into her story of fatigue and clinical depression, how those unfortunate experiences ultimately led her to the company she has founded today. Angela & Rachel then dive into the importance of the nervous system, the importance of recovery as displayed by athletes, and conclude with talking about BioSyncing ®. 

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1:42 Angela’s Story

9:52 What Allowed Angela to Step into Her Healing Journey

16:01 The Spiritual Component of Angela’s Healing Journey

18:19 How Angela Began to Get Back on Track

27:48 The Importance of the Nervous System

30:39 Common Signs of Lack of Recovery

40:36 What is Biosyncing ®?

45:59 The Power in Creating FROM Our Future Self

50:22 Angela’s Advice To Those Struggling with Fatigue & Burnout

53:01 Final Piece of Advice from Angela

53:27 How to Connect with Angela

54:11 Outro


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