Rachel Scheer: Heal Thy Self

Today on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel joins the “Heal Thy Self” Podcast with Dr. Christian Gonzalez N.D., to discuss a plethora of topics surrounding our Personal Healing Journey. Rachel dives into why she believes so many people are struggling with mental health issues today, the dangers of living our lives unconsciously, and some of the flagrant issues with western medicine.

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1:02 – Elevated levels of anxiety in our society

26:52 – Why are so many people struggling with their mental health today?

2:40 – Being controlled by the ego 

4:00 – Comparing ourselves to others

6:00 – The Dangers of living our lives unconsciously 

6:50 – Identifying with our struggles

8:00 – Waking up to what’s not working for you

9:00 – Peeling back our layers of self

9:58 – LMNT ad

12:12 – the ego develops with autonomy 

15:13 – the problem with deriving self-worth from outside sources 

16:23 – emotions and gut issues

17:30 – western medicine diagnosis ignores underlying emotions

20:10 – the physical is downstream of the emotional

21:30 – what were some things that finally healed you?

22:30 – Talk therapy 

24:00 – The importance of how you view yourself

25:00 – How childhood trauma shapes our view of ourselves

27:00 – Identifying your triggers

28:00 – awareness

29:40 – ownership 

30:00  – holding space for yourself

31:00 – letting out stored emotion

32:40 – getting into your body 

33:30 – attracting the energy you put out 

35:42 – Awareness, Disidentify, Ownership, Grounding (ADOG) 

36:30 – Using your tools to navigate triggers


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