Doug Evans: What are Sprouts & How They Can Boost Your Health


Today on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel is joined by Doug Evans,a pioneer in the plant-based health movement for over 20 years, and with a foreword by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., The Sprout Book empowers readers to embark on a plant-based way of eating that’s low-cost and accessible. The book shows us how easy it is to boost the nutrition of any snack, smoothie, or meal with sprouts.

Doug dives into the overlooked nutritional value of sprouts, his “favorite” sprout, and his take on buying sprouts that are sold at the local supermarket. Doug also provides a powerful backstory as to why he made a unique decision to be raw-vegan for nearly 25 years, and provides details how that has played a key role in his longevity. 

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0:03 – Introduction to Doug Evans

1:36 What are Sprouts?

10:23 Does Doug have any “Favorite” Sprouts?

14:35 Doug’s Take on Sprouts that are Sold in Local Markets

16:30 Why Doug has been 100% Raw-Vegan for 25 Years…

21:22 How is Doug Supporting His Skeletal Muscle Mass being a Raw-Vegan…

26:52 – Why are so many people struggling with their mental health today?

31:04 Is Doug into Mushrooms?

34:47 How to Connect with Doug


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