Autumn Smith: How to Reclaim your Health

Today on the Scheer Madness Podcast, Rachel is joined by Autumn Smith. Autumn Smith suffered from debilitating digestive issues and crippling anxiety for most of her life. Specialist after specialist told her nothing could be done, and she was ready to give up. But as one final attempt at a life free of health issues, Autumn decided to harness the power of whole foods. She cleaned up her diet and in just 30 days, her IBS was cured. But that was just the beginning. She also had less anxiety, was mentally sharper, and a bubbly side of her that she forgot existed came back. Since then, Autumn has dedicated her life to helping others harness the power of whole foods to live vibrant lives.

In 2013, she and her husband Chas launched Paleovalley, a company dedicated to helping people get the essential nutrients they need, without added sugars, grains, and other harmful ingredients. But they didn’t stop there. After learning about the healing powers of grass fed, pasture raised meat – both for our bodies and the planet – Autumn and Chas started their next venture. In 2018, they launched Wild Pastures, a regenerative meat delivery service that sends 100% grass fed pasture raised meat directly to your doorstep.

Autumn dives into her story, and how her childhood struggles with IBS ultimately propelled her to dive deeper into the health & nutrition space. Autumn then dives into why she believes one’s diet plays a vital role in one’s general health; she also discusses what she believes are some of the MOST problematic ingredients for health, along with what she believes are some of the TOP foods for Gut-Friendly Health.

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0:03 Introduction to Autumn Smith

3:18 Autumn’s Powerful Story of Pain → Purpose

11:12 When Did Autumn Realize that her DIET was playing the biggest role in her health struggles?

12:40 What Areas did Autumn’s Health Struggles Impact?

16:23 How Autumn’s Healing Journey Led to the Birth of her Son.

18:18 What are the most PROBLEMATIC Ingredients for Health?

23:40 Not Getting Enough Omega-3 Acids

29:50 What are some of the TOP Gut-Healing Foods?

37:09 COLOSTRUM! The Original Antibiotic.

43:26 Food does not ALWAYS have to be Entertainment

47:32 How to Connect with Autumn


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