The diet mentality has such a strong presence in today’s culture. From internet and TV advertisements, to social networking; these mediums are ideal for people to share their opinions and recommendations on what they believe is best for health, fitness, and weight-loss. From the 1930’s grapefruit diet, to Dr. Adkin’s low carb diet of the 90’s, and most recently 2010’s Paleo Diet, there has been a surge in the prevalence of fad diets, and their messages can often be difficult to ignore.

What exactly is a “diet mentality?” A diet mentality is the idea of following a certain set of rules or restrictions that promise fast and easy weight-loss. But they are anything but that. They often lead to huger due to starvation, increased stress, lack of sleep, and anxiety. And most people will actually gain more weight after going on one of these diets. Sounds like a lose-lose situation in my book.

But, perhaps the biggest reason that people are so eager to jump on the diet bandwagon so quickly is because the truth- that real weight-loss happens slowly, through portion control, healthier food choices, and increased exercise- is downright boring to most people. We live in a quick-results driven society, with minimal effort being exerted.

To lose weight and keep it off, however, it best achieved at a slow and steady rate over a period of a few months or even years. Slow weight loss will help you maintain your weight loss, and prevent you from falling back into previous habits. It also increases your chances of losing fat. Your body can only burn so much fat within a week. After this, is has to resort to burning lean body mass.

I know this isn’t the answer everyone wants to hear, but just like everything in life, all good things take time. One thing that I advise is keeping a journal and tracking your progress. This will help keep you motivated and constantly progressing towards your goals. And after a few months or years, it’s an amazing feeling to look back and truly see all the progress you have made!

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